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Lisa Santaiti

Memorial created 09-28-2010 by
Lisa Santaiti
Christopher Lee Santaiti
September 18 2001 - August 28 2010


Christopher was an angel on earth! Everyone who new him always mentioned his infectious smile! He suffered so much in his short 9 years. Christopher was born a healthy boy on Sep. 18, 2001 at 8 pounds. It was chris and my first child together. I had 2 from a previous marriage. He lit up my world and will never forget the day they put him in my arms!!

On March 26th 2002, 2 days before Easter,  I took him for his DPT shot and 6th month well visit. That night Christopher was not right. he was rushed to ER and quickly to the ICU. Infront of us he began seizing and stopped breathing. They put him on a machine and began to explain he was in a stroke episode with severe brain swelling. He would be in a coma for 3 weeks. We began to pray so hard like never before. Amazing how we want God when we NEED him! Doctors told us it was a waiting period and that it was all probably brought on by a virus. Knowone dared to speak about it being from any shot recieved the day before...they thought maybe mixture of menigitis and shot. He eventually was taken off breathing tube but Christopher began a slow recovery and doctors warned us of brain damage! I cryed thinking how bad i knew some children can be from brain damage.

Christopher went through therapy at home but the state canceled alot and sometimes never came at all for speech or physical. He began progressing at a slow but steady pace. We had no idea our nightmare was just beginning. At 10 months he began his "episodes". At first i thought it was just a virusbut he began regularly. heavy vomiting with a low grade fever. It would last for days and i moved foward thinking he was just sick with another stomach virus....till it began again a month later. Before i knew it he began these severe vomiting with severe nausea and blood. In every event we needed to bring him to the ER where they would admit him and do testing. All tests ALWAYS came out negitive. Though alot of doctors would diagnose him pending blood results. They would always send us somewhere else to another doctor and say it wasnt a patient thay were able to treat. How fustrating after years of this and genetic doctors, GI doctors, neuroligists, surgeons...ect. We saw them all! and they always sent us somewhere else. Amazed at how doctors were so easy to give up and dismiss him when they had no idea what he had. I found no doctor willing to research or even try. How can you send a child home after years of no diagnosis??  Columbia Pres, Maryland Institute, St. Josephs, Morristown, ect ect... Seven years gone by...and doctors could say nothing more to us. A tube was placed in his intestines at 3 years of hoping we could care for him at home instead of bringing him to hospitals every week. It didnt work. At one point he lost so much sodium, they warned me he almost dies.

We had to go to the ER every other week at this point and what fustrated us most is even though they knew us, they wouldnt just admit us until we would spend 8 hours and sometimes more in the emergency room. We fought and fought. In the middle of the night, holidays, day time, any time. We would have to drop it all and even the other kids and rush to the ER with him. This went on for 7 years. 

After all our searching and fighting, we had social services called on us from a doctor who claimed he never saw any illness of vomiting this severe and an investigation began  ruling out someone causing this. We were furious....but i intended to have social services help my child. I asked them to stay in our life and help guide us through his illness, which they did. I was not alone. They could help in some way give rights to a child so sick that everyone seemed to give up on.

At 6 years old Christopher began to walk! We were so thrilled! All his therapy paid off. We never knew why he couldnt walk but we were so happy he finally did. Christopher would never be able to talk however, he did occasionally throw in a mama or dadda! Specially when he was ill. He was still so smart! He would kiss the cross after prayer every night before bed! It amazed me each time! I would say..."Christopher, where is Jesus"? and with his limp, he would walk to the cross on the wall and kiss it!

His hugs and kisses where endless. Every nurse at school or caregiver would say "all he wants to do is hug". They would be amazed at his smile, as i was every single day!

He would have this illness till the last event of his life. When he developed a blood infection from one of his many lines. They also said he had a virus at the time and developed pnemonia. He was put on life support after not being able to breath and had countless blood transfusions. I had the privalage of holding him in my arms as he took his last breath. A moment i am grateful for and will never forget.. I realize some never get that feeling of saying goodbye. I was able to tell him its ok to go into the light. That he will always be with me...till i see him again. I know he is with me forever! He is a light in my life that will never dim! I will never understand why he had to suffer so much, but i do know he touched so many lives in his 9 short years. I will never be the same again. He has taught me the true meaning of life and i know there was a reason he suffered so much and he came into our lives. I know he has made my other children smarter and better people too. I lost my little man on 8/28/10 at 12:35pm and now he is my angel in heaven. I will vow to keep him alive in every way i can. Until i meet my little man again....i am the proudest mom in the world and it has been a privalge to call him my son and now my forever angel! 





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