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Memorial created 09-30-2010 by
Stephanie Eagle
Richard Thomas Eagle
July 2 1970 - July 12 2010




  Richard was all this to me & more!!!! 


Powerful Ruler

R is for Revolutionary

I is for Impressive

C is for Charismatic

H is for Hilarious

A is for Amazing

R is for Radical

D is for Delicate




T is for Tempting

H is for Hot

O is for Optimistic

M is for Magnificent

A is for Adventurous

S is for Sensational



E is for Explosive

A is for Artistic

G is for Gorgeous

L is for Logical

E is for Enchanting

This online memorial was created in loving memory of My Husband Richard Thomas Eagle, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Richard's guest book and let us know you came to visit. He was loved by many...His wife Stephanie,his son Nakoda Chase & his two daughter's Savanna Rain & Baby Amelia Elizabeh Nicole...His Mother,Father,brother Evan,sister Tyana & brother Ryan..many Aunts & Uncles,Cousins,Nieces,Nephew's ,two Great Nieces,Sister in Laws,Mother & Father in Law & friends...We will always   you & we will remember Richard Always and Forever.





This is what happened when I was at my sister Theresa-Terri Mago in 2004 to paint Wall Murals...Theresa-Terri Mago I said I wanted a baby and my sister said you need a good husband and father and wouldn't it be awesome if he was named Tom Eagle and then she prayed with me for it to work out.I said I wanted baby so she said you need a husband first..then it went into praying and Tom Eagle's name came in...the guy I later met Oct 2007 on myspace and then married Feb 9,2009...His name is Richard Thomas Eagle his family & friends called him Tommy or Tom Eagle...LOL


No lie that is what really happened..God brought me & him together...




   My husband Richard & I met on myspace in fall of 2007...We were friends for 2 years & then I went from PA to MO..We got married a month after I got there on Feb.9,2009 in Rolla,MO..A few months later we moved back to were I'm from in PA...8 months into marriage we were pregnant...We had our baby girl Amelia June 25,2010..He had his 40th b-day on July 2,2010 & moved out of my moms place to a new apartment on July 9,2010...On July 12,2010 our baby girl & I woke up.I found my husband-best friend Richard dead in his sleep in our bedroom...I feel shock too...My mind can't beleive he is gone...It feels like he is on a vacation & will come home at anytime...I called 911 & the guy told me to move him,move pillows,turn him on his back...I couldn't do it cause I had stiches from having baby...the police & emt's came they made me take baby downstairs while they worked on him...They came down about 15 to a half an hour later & said hun he's gone...I started screaming no he's not go back upstairs & work on him more..They said we can't he's gone he has been dead for hours...He died right after I told him to go to sleep...When I think of him all is I can remember is when I found him dead..Also fights we had & ect...I feel like I'm lost without him...He wanted to be married so bad & have another child...He got that but it wasn't for very long...I thought him & I would of been together to see our children grow & have kids of their own...Grow old together...God had other plans for us but I don't understand what it is...Thanks for Reading this  



  "True Love"

"I'll remember you forever

Each and every day

Time and space and years will pass

Yet your memory will always stay

Deeply bound within my heart..."


Poem Copyright © 2006-2007 Jilchristy Dee.  All Rights Reserved.


This is what my late husband Richard Thomas Eagle 07/02/1970 - 07/12/2010 RIP!! wrote me on myspace on our 1 year wedding an. Feb 9,2010 "To My Wonderful Wife Stephanie,How do I begin to tell you how lucky I am to have you in my life?I'll start by saying what a gift you gave me the day you became my wife.You're my best friend in the good times & my rock in times of sorrow...." There is more to it but can not find right now I am sure he would of still felt the same way we were best friends.... We would of been married 3 years on Feb. 9,2012



July 2,2010 Richard's 40th Birthday...10 days before he passed away


The Broken Chain

 We little knew that morning 

 God was going to call your name

 In life we loved you dearly

 In death we do the same


 It broke our hearts to lose you.

 You did not go alone,

 For a part of us went with you                                     

 The day God called you home.


 You left us peaceful memories.

 Your love is still our guide.

 And though we cannot see you,

 You are always at our side.


 Our family chain is broken

 And nothing seems the same,

 But as God calls us one by one,

 The Chain will link again.




Unconditional love is the answer to all great questions.

Unconditional love dissolves the emotional charges that create sickness and disease.

Unconditional love heals.

Unconditional love takes you beyond the illusions of space and time and helps you bring whomever you love into your presence .That doesn't mean the physical aspect of the person appears ; rather , unconditional love flows between you and that person and connects your heart and soul with theirs.

Unconditional love isn't limited by the boundaries of time and space that our physical bodies inhabit .It's a state of awakening and enlightenment that gives rise to the answers to all questions. It's our reason for being here in physical form. We're here to learn unconditional love and can find it in bliss or the long and hard way. Either way , we'll learn it because our evolution back to the very source of life is inevitable.

Unconditional love is the fundamental law and the most powerful force in the universe .It's our link to all true healing and our bond with the infinite. It's our mission , purpose , and stairway to the stars.





" And when I'm gone just carry on, don't mourn...rejoice every time you remember me. And know that, I'm looking down on you smiling. and I didn't feel a thing...so baby don't feel pain...just smile back." RIP Richard... You'll be missed and NEVER forgotten. I wish you could been here longer with Baby Amelia & I. I'm sure we all would have had a great life together....




Sometimes,God takes people & He don't say why. Sometimes,people leave & they never say goodbye.Sometimes,there are no second chances to say I love you.Sometimes,there are no next times.Sometimes,you lose someone & you feel like your heart has followed them to heaven.& Sometimes,there is just nothin you can do to make the tears stop.I love & miss you so very much,Richard Rest In Peace Till We meet again..... 




They say memories are golden well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would ...have died. In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.




God hath not promised skies
always blue, Flowers-strewn pathways all
our lives through; God hath not promised sun
without rain, Joy without sorrow, peace
without pain. But God hath promised strength
for the day. Rest for the labor, light for the way,
Grace for the trials, help
from above, Unfailing sympathy Undying






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