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Memorial created 11-19-2010 by
Andrea Sutton
Daniel David Sutton
October 25 2006 - January 21 2010

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Daniel Sutton, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Daniel's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Daniel forever.


Daniel was born on October 25, 2006.  The next day a blizzard swept through Colorado and lasted all winter long.  We should have known then that we were in for a bumpy ride!  He was my little Gator Guy, b/c he was dressed in blue and so orange from jaundice!  Even from the very beginning he was ALL SMILES and so very adorable. 


Daniel did everything early b/c he wanted to keep up with his big sister Ashley, whom he loved so much and the feeling was mutual.  He started crawling around 6 months and was walking by 11 months...running after that!


Daniel started talking at 12 months...he was putting words together by 15 months and using full sentences by 18 months and then he never stopped.  He was such an entertainer. He could light up a room with his smile or a funny comment. He loved to say "Go Cubbies!" especially to Cardinal fans and he'd yell out a "Hook Em Horns!" to friends who liked the Longhorns, not that he was a fan, just friendly!  He had a facination with his nose (or he was always telling us he was 1 or pointing to his brain) and he loved his Pa.  This is the last picture we have with Pa (we were in Vegas for New Years 2008), as he died when Daniel was a year & a half old... I'm glad they're together in heaven.


We love getting matching PJs for Christmas and we especially love it when Grandma Bobbie & Aunt Jay come to visit from Florida. We were having fun playing with all of our new toys and with our new Wii!  This was from our Christmas in 2008 (Ashley was 3 1/2 & Daniel was 2).


Daniel loved to read, sing and laugh.  We had a Summer of Showtunes when he was 2 1/2. We saw The Wizard of Oz & Annie at local dinner theaters and then for our grand finale, we went to see The Lion King in Vegas!  We also watched many musicals (a fond memory is of Daniel running through the casino singing, "I've Got a Golden Ticket!").

Another fun memory...at the end of Daniel's week of potty training, where he earned the Wizard of Oz dolls each day & then on Friday celebrated with his prized Scarecrow outfit... he was outside playing & pooped in his pants. As I was cleaning him up, I asked him why he would poop in his cool outfit & without missing a beat he said, "Because I'm a Scarecrow and I don't have a brain!"

We had a WIZARD OF OZ WONDERLAND 3rd BIRTHDAY PARTY for Daniel in October...we rented out a room at our elementary school and had about 35 friends & 22 parents come celebrate with us! We had carnival type games, a pinata and a visit from Dororthy & her friends (Daniel was thrilled that she gave him a copy of the movie, on Blue Ray)!


This was our last Christmas we got to spend with Daniel, in 2009. Daniel & Ashley loved each other very much...it was obvious in the way they played together and even when Ashley needed some "girl time" that was OK, b/c they just played all the better the next time.  We're thankful for the relationship they had together and the time we had with him... we just wish there had been more of it!


This is one of the last pictures we have of Daniel...a life cut short, because of greed. The manufacturers of corded window blinds have known that their products KILL 1-2 children per month (those are just the ones that are reported or filed under that cause of death), for over 20 years, but they choose to continue to make these products. 

There are NO safe corded window blinds.  Please keep this in mind.  Once we know better, we need to make the proper changes.  There are cordless window blinds (they just cost a little more, BUT how can you put a price on the life of a child?)...or you can use curtains or shutters or something else...be creative...but don't use a product that has a cord. Spread the word...help to keep other's children safe too.  You could save a life!  www.pfwbs.org


God shared his promise of love with us in the rainbow. It means all the more to us as we look to heaven & our reunion with Daniel.  Even with our hope of heaven & the fact that we will spend more time in eternity together, than we did separated here on earth...we still miss him...but it's more than that...we long for him, our hearts ache for him & the hole that is left in our family with his absense.

Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones and make sure you're right with our Lord, so you can be with them after this life is over.  Blessings to you and thank you for taking the time to read about our beautiful son, Daniel David Sutton.


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