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Memorial created 12-24-2010 by
Greg Durandisse
Haiti Earthquake Victims

Nou Pap Janm' Bliye Fre'n Ak Se'n Ki Tonbe!

   This online memorial was created in loving memory of the victims of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Please, sign Haiti Earthquake Victims' guest book and let us know you came to visit this memorial website. If you lost a family member, a relative, a friend, or a colleague, please post their names and their pictures.  No victim of this horrible tragedy should remain unknown and faceless.  We will remember Haiti's earthquake victims forever.  

"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." ~ Eskimo Legend


Nou Pap Janm Bliye 12 Janvye 2010!

 "Si'm di'w mouri, m' kap bay manti.  Si'm di'w janbe, m' vle kwe sa vre. Yon pot ki pouse pou'l louvri yon lot kote"~ Beethova Obas  

    On Tuesday January 12, 2010, at 16:53 local time, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 MW earthquake.  Its epicenter was located near the town of Leogane, only 16 miles from the capital-city, Port-au-Prince.  The devastation was of epic proportion.    The town of Leogane was 80% destroyed.  Large swaths of Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, and Petit-Goave were leveled.  Most of their public infrastructure, schools, churches, hospitals, as well as administrative, residential and commercial buildings collapsed, trapping and crushing hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters.   The Haitian government estimated that between 200,000 and 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and over 1,000,000 made homeless. According to the Inter-American Development Bank the cost of the material damages is between 7.2 billion dollars and 13.2 billion dollars. 

     Today, we remember the quarter million innocent lives lost in this tragedy.  Our memory is the sole repository of their souls until we will be able to build a physical monument to honor their shorten lives.  We also remember those who were maimed and the million fellow Haitians who are compelled to live in squalid tent cities since the January 12, 2010 catastrophe.  Paying  proper respect to the deceased means ensuring a life of dignity to the survivors.

    We invite the sons, daughters, and friends of Haiti scattered all over the world to join us in commemorating the victims of the January 12, 2010 earthquake. They certainly need help from the international community but they count on us before everybody else:  THEY ARE OURS, WE ARE THEIRS.


We Will Recover. We Are A Resilient People.


"Remembering is an act of resurrection, each repetition a vital layer of mourning, in memory of those we are sure to meet again." ~Nancy Cobb, in "In Lieu of Flowers"


Yo Pa Mouri. Yap Viv Nan Ke Nou Tout!

When someone we love dies, we never get to see them again but we will always feel them, because they live on in our hearts and our memories in our smiles and our tears and even though we can't touch them, we will never forget how they touched us.

Rashida Rowe





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