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Memorial created 04-12-2011 by
Laurie Bolin
Chris Bolin
November 27 1986 - April 29 2005


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Chris Bolin, Corbett Schaffer and Brad Grinnell whose life stories are told throughout this memorial website. Please sign their guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember our boys forever.


It was Sunday, April 17, 2005 our boys shared a day of fun with their friends.  It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, it was exceptionally warm for the spring season.  Friends gathered to hang out, party, barbeque, ride dirt bikes and enjoy each others friendship, love and laughter.

At 12:43 am, early Monday morning, all that changed.  Their vehicle rolled and they crashed by a hill on the side of the road.  Soon the ambulances, fire trucks, and police were at the scene.  Everyone's life changed forever.  The innocense and security was taken away and now all that was left was devastation and grief.  Our families, friends and community was  shaken as we grieved the death of Corbett.  Brad and Chris were taken by Stars Air Ambulance to Foothills hospital in Calgary, AB.  The boys were in comas and were on life support.   Everyone who knew the boys came to Foothillls  hospital to see them and to give the families strength, hope and love.  On tuesday, April 19, Brad was taken off life support, and on Friday, April 29 Chris was taken off as well.  Jessica Van Dellan, was the only  survivor, she sustained a broken back, had several operations on her crushed heel and had cuts and abrasions, not to mention the emotional trauma that goes with survior guilt.

We are still mourning and always will, but with the support and love from our families, our friends and our community we will find strength.  Thank you , we are so grateful for people like you in our lives.  We are truly blessed.  I know none of us who knew and loved our boys will ever be the same.  I also know we are not mourning alone, and I worry about my family and  each one of the boy's friends.  I am so scared that something will happen to you, so please be careful..... you are all so precious and I love  you all. 

For my family, my husband Duane, and sons Justin and Matt, daughter-in-law, Dawn, two beautiful grandchildren, Rachel and Brody all I can say is I love you dearly and I am so grateful and honored to be part of such a wonderful family.  And for you Chris, I miss you and love you so much it hurts.  It is so hard living without you.  I cry everyday and will always.  I know your still with us and you show me in so many many ways that you're here, by our sides still.  I know when you're around I feel you and your energy, sometimes I smell you, sometimes out of the blue I hear "Laur".  Thank you for those gifts and thank you for those wonderful eighteen years.  We miss you so much. 




Memorial for the boys by their Friends

Teardrops falling like rain in the sky

As we look into the Heavens asking why



This is where the story begins..................

Christopher Scott Bolin was born at the Drumheller hospital in Drumheller, Alberta on November 27, 1986.  Chris was born at  7:23pm and weighing 8lbs10oz. 

Born to proud parents, Duane and Laurie, and a very excited big brother, Justin (10 years old).  He was waiting a long time to be a brother!  Two years later, Chris became the big brother to Matthew.  Our family was complete. 

Sports, especially baseball and hockey, took over.  We enjoyed racing from town to town watching our boys play.  Soon the whole family started playing sports together, as well as all the camping trips. 

The biggest highlight was February 10, 2003.  Justin and Dawn Stuart were married in the Mayan Rivera, Mexico.  It was the only family trip (except BC) that we all went on.  One of the happiest moments in our lives.

In May, 2004 was Chris's graduation.   He looked so handsome in his white tuxs.  He loved those white shoes!!!  We were so proud of him.  I never knew that would be his last year.

Chris played on the Thrashers hockey team, in Three Hills, AB.  He loved playing hockey on that team.  He really felt that he belonged there and he loved the guys he played with.  His passion was hockey, baseball and working out.

Another passion for Chris, was his friends.  They meant everything to him.  He collected friends everywhere he went, even when he was little.  Chris didn't talk much, but that smurky smile of his, would warm everyone's heart.

Chris hated to be younger, he always prentended to be older than he was.  He was so happy when he went to the high school and met  Brad Grinnell.  Brad was one day younger than Chris! And I'm sure Chris always reminded him of that.  When it came to fear, Chris had none.  He always wanted things to go as fast as they could.  He would try everything.  He was my free spirit, time didn't mean anything to him, he was always late!

Chris lived life as if it was going to be short. 

He loved life.





Chris's Grad with his two brothers, Matt & Justin






A child must know that he

is a miracle, that since

the beginning of the world

there hasn't been, and until

the end of the world there will

not be, another child like him.


Chris & Jacci at Jacci's Grad 2004
Chris in Mexico with brothers Justin & Matt for Justin and Dawn's Wedding 2003
Chris and his Dad playing ball

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