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Maribel Douglas
Irializ Rosa Alicea
May 18 2011 - May 21 2011

Ma beautiful angel Irializ

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Irializ Alicea, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Irializ's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Irializ forever. My daughter was a beautiful baby she was the most pretiest baby i have ever seen i wish i could of spend more time with her on earth... She was born on May 18 2011 and she passed away with God on May 21 2011 and i miss her deeply... throughout my pregnacy she moved so much my Irializ was a blessed baby she was loved by the whole family and friends she was very blessed nobody couldnt wait till she was born everybody was exited that she was on the way... I started having contractions on May 17 at 11:00 at night they were 2 min apart and i decided to go to the hospital on May 18 at 2:30 in the morning  I was having really bad contractions they were taking my whole back... I was only dilated only 2cm and 70% my water wasnt broken so at 6:00 am they decided to send me back home cause my water didnt break so they send me home with some ambian for it could let me sleep but the pill didnt do anythin I still felt all my contractions I couldn't sleep for anything, so at 12:00 pm I decided to go back to the hospital cause Irializ wanted to come out when i went back I was still 2cm and my water still didnt break they wanted to send me back home and I didnt want to cause Irializ wanted to ccome out...The doctors were bein hard headed they wer tellin me to sleep and i couldn't how did they expect me to sleep with does bad contractions... i stood up and went to the bathroom and when i went back to the room the doctors we're putting on the devices that could tell how bad the contractions where but they couldn't find my  baby heart  beat. So they had to do an ultrasound and they saw the baby's breathing going low so they had to rush me to the operating room cause they had to do an emergency c section and they had to sleep me completly and no one could of gone in with me everythin happen so fast the doctors didnt let My daughter's father go in not even my mother they put me to sleep so fast i dont even know what happen in the operating room... when i woke up from the anesthesia they told me That i have given birth to a beautiful baby girl she was nice and pink and she weigh 8 pounds and 9 onces and she was 21 inches long she was born at 3:30 pm but they had to rush her to the nicu cause she didnt have a heart beat for 3min... After they brought me to my room i couldn't get up to see my baby in the nicu i had to wait till the next day to see her when i saw her the next day she was the prettiest thing i have ever seen in my life she looked so healthy but the doctors had to gives us some options and they wer leave her at baystate and they do wat ever they can to keep her alive cause she was brain damaged the second option was to send her to boston and the last option was to take off the life support but the doctor was so negative they told me and my family just take off the life support cause shes not going make it and something deep inside told me send her to boston dont matter what the doctors say so i told the doctors that  we want to send her to boston and they had the nurves to tell me ok but shes gunna die on the way over their... So we sent her to boston the next day i went to boston and she looked pretty good she looked like she was doin so much better... the family was always their for her...On Saturday May 21st i woke up went to see her she looked so much better than the day before, the family was so exited cause pretty soon we was gunna take her home the family went out to eat when we got back to the hospital i had a deep feelin that something was goin wrong cause Irializ wasnt back yet from her cat scan when she came back the doctors from boston brouhgt the whole family to a room and explain wat was goin on and from the scale from 1 to 10 her brain damage was a 9.5 it was really bad she wasnt going recognize who we wer and she wasnt going to be able to do anything we would have to do everything for her and she would have to live with machines all her life and she was going to suffer so much that the best way was on letting  her go but they said that  they would let us hold her with the machines on and when we wer ready they will take them off... My  family nd I hold my lil angel and got a photogragher to take pictures of us with our Irializ alive we hold her like if they was no tomorrow we kissed her and told her how much we loved her and how much we still going to love her after shes gone... At 11:00pm it was time to take off the machines it was the hardest thing her father and I had to do the doctors thought once they took her machines off that she was going to pass away very fast but she didnt she faught till the end she last 40 mins fighting  that was the hardest thing i had ever had to do holding my daughter till the end i couldn't  do it i had to pass her to her daddy for he could hold her i had to put a pillow to my  face i couldn't BARE ON SEEING  her like that struggling for air i had to leave the room till the doctor told her dad she was gone i went back to the room her dad hand her to me and i went to the window with her and cried and cried i thought everything was a dream i couldnt believe it, it was all a nightmare that day and I won't ever forget it I will always have flash backs of that day my daughter joined Jesus Christ up in HEAVEN I never thought I would ever go through a tragic so big in my young age I was only 17 years old it was the hardest most terrifying thing I had to do letting go of my Angel but I know she's up in HEAVEN watching her family and like I will always tell her it's not goodbye it's SEE YOU SOON♥Irializ i just want to tell u that mommy and daddy and the whole family will always forever remember u and will always forever love u angel♥Irializ u would always be in our hearts baby girl♥



Beautiful Irializ  

Born *5/18/2011* Weighed 8lbs. 9oz.  Loved from conception by her parents and will be forever loved and cherished in their hearts. We miss u baby girl i know ur in a better place baby and ur watchin us from up above waiting for that day when God comes and get us and when God gives us another baby ur brother or sister u will never b forgotten ur always going to remain in our hearts and ur going b their guardian angel Irializ we love u sooo much and i enjoyed havin u near me and in my arms for does 3 days that God allowed u to b with us i enjoyed my  pregnacy with u till the fullest i miss u baby girl i will never ever forget u ur ma angel my  everythin and the reason that i keep on living now today  u baby girl u will always be my Irializ♥♥


Irializ Rosa Alicea we love u baby girl "In dis picture Irializ was still alive she passed away 40 m

Irializ Rosa Alicea

 May 18 2011

 May 21 2011

U will never ever be forgotten u will always remain in our hearts we love u sunshine♥♥

Here is Irializ with mommy and daddy in the mirror and Jesus lookin dwn at us tellin us he gunna cum
Ma angel Irializ Rosa She was still alive here she so precious

Irializ was the most beautiful daughter nd the most precious gift that God could ever give me i miss her sooo much i cnt believe she gone


mommy, daddy, titi brenda

 we miss u soo much here in this picture was when we took the machines off i regret it i wish i could of waited a lil more time nd till this day i still regret it cuz i wish u was here i miss u soo much ughh baby these holidays aint going to be the same without ur lil smile here we miss u love u always mommy nd fam


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