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Memorial created 05-23-2011 by
mom: Ruby Gutierrez Moreno
Daniel "D-Gut" Anthony Gutierrez
May 25 1988 - May 29 2006

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Daniel Anthony Gutierrez, also known as “ D-Gut ” , was born on May 25, 1988 in San Antonio, TX. He attended St. John Berchmans Catholic School from Pre-K 4 through the sixth grade. He then attended Holy Cross Catholic Middle/High School of San Antonio. Daniel was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend. Daniel had a zest for life and lived everyday to the fullest. Daniel was a handsome, intelligent, lovable, charismatic, and overall very genuine individual. Daniel acknowledged your presence with a hug and a kiss, or with a smile and a handshake. He was good at whatever he tried, as he strived to be the best at everything he encountered.

Daniel excelled in school, always an honor student, and a member of the National Honor Society. Daniel also had athletic talent. He enjoyed football and basketball, but Daniel ’ s passion was baseball. He was a great shortstop and was Holy Cross ’ starting catcher as a freshman. Daniel also played Jr. Varsity baseball as an 8th grader at Holy Cross. He was a member of the All-State baseball team in 2005. By this time, Daniel stood 5 ’ 10 and weighed 175 pounds. He worked hard at his athletic physique, working out 2-3 times a day. Daniel ’ s ambition was to play college baseball with the pursuit of a degree in Sports Medicine. Daniel had many goals and had great potential.

Daniel also enjoyed movies, music, cars, driving his 1970 Mach I Mustang and his 1997 Ford Mustang. Daniel enjoyed spending time with family and friends and would always bring us joy and laughter. Daniel was enthused to begin his senior year of high school at Holy Cross. However, during the month of June 2005, Daniel began to feel ill.  After several visits to the doctor and several tests being performed, no major significance was detected. He was treated for his symptoms. In early August 2005, Daniel coughed up blood during football practice. A stat procedure was then performed at the hospital on August 9. Immediately following the procedure, we were told that things did not look good. The results were received the following day, and the doctors ’ suspicion had been confirmed. Daniel was diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer. We were completely crushed and shocked as Daniel had no previous medical history. Surgery was then performed and Daniel suffered significant pain and quickly lost 20 more pounds.

Daniel endured the battle for his life with remarkable determination, enormous strength, astounding courage, and unbelievable faith. On August 25, Daniel was released from the hospital. The very next day, wearing his football jersey, Daniel made a surprise appearance at Holy Cross ’ pep rally. The gym was filled with emotion as Daniel entered. Throughout the football season, Daniel would join his teammates on the sideline. To no surprise, in November, Daniel was determined to suit out for the big game against the rival CentralCatholicHigh School. He warmed up with the team and executed all the drills. He was the captain of his team that night and walked the field for the coin toss. A special night filled with cherished memories, as a special prayer for Daniel was announced in the introduction, and the game was dedicated to him. Daniel received much praise and support from the opponents, their family and their fans. Daniel had always been determined to make a come back for spring baseball, but in January, Daniel suffered another setback which resulted in his second major surgery. Although, at this point, he was devastated, as his goal had now been crushed; he never gave up. He continued his fight with determination, strength, courage, and faith.

In February, Holy Cross joined efforts with other local private schools to hold a “ D-Gut ” Day, in which bands from each of the schools competed to raise funds to defray the amounting medical expenses. Daniel had been hospitalized during the weeks leading up to this event. Once again with his determination, Daniel managed to have his physicians grant him a release for a few hours, in order to make an appearance at the event. Daniel received wonderful care locally from physicians and their staff, to the care and superb hospitality of all departments and components of Santa RosaMedicalCenter. Daniel ’ s treatment was in conjunction with the M.D.AndersonCancerCenter in Houston. Daniel was deteriorating quickly, but still lived life to the fullest of his ability. He still managed to set goals, knowing that these goals would be left in the hands of God. He continued to attend school on days when his pain was bearable and when his side effects from vigorous chemotherapy were minimal. He wanted to graduate as he felt he worked so hard throughout his education.

During the month of May 2006, Daniel was hospitalized and endured the last of three major surgeries. Being aware of the un- known, Santa Rosa Medical Center ICU ‘ s medical staff arranged for Holy Cross to bring Daniel his own special graduation ceremony to the hospital on May 12. Arrangements had been made for a guest appearance from members of the San Antonio Spurs. The Coyote filled in as the Spurs were away in playoffs at this time. In such short notice, literally one day, attendance consisted of over 200 guests. Daniel was elated; however his goal was to cross that stage with his fellow brothers of HolyCrossHigh School. His goal was accomplished on May 24, 2006, when he joined his graduating class of 2006. Before Daniel’s diagnosis, he had a longtime wish, to commemorate his 18 th birthday with a grand celebration. Daniel ’ s wish was fulfilled on May 25, 2006, at our home with many family and friends. Daniel also had a special appearance from Robert Horry of the San Antonio Spurs on his special 18 th birthday.

After graduating (twice) and seeing his 18 th birthday, he continued to live strong with grace and dignity. During the Memorial Day weekend, Holy Cross conducts an annual alumni softball tournament. Daniel had always looked forward to playing in this exciting, competitive event. Although Daniel was not able to play or attend, he rooted for his class of 2006 with his thoughts and spirit. The boys struggled during Saturday’ s games. Daniel woke up on Sunday morning, finding strength through his weakened frail body, wanting to attend the game to support his class on to victory. I was hesitant, seeing Daniel so weak. Daniel’s exact words to me were “ I don’t want to stay cooped up. I really want to go. ” I immediately helped him to wash up and change clothing. This activity was quite strenuous for Daniel. He then rested. We know Daniel played with his class through his heart, soul, and spirit, as the class of 2006 won five games in a row. Immediately following their last game of a loss, his fellow classmates accompanied Daniel at our home. As Daniel rested, he listened to his friends recalling their events during the games. Daniel still being himself, told his friends they were making up excuses for their loss.

The following day was Memorial Day. It was May 29, and at 2:13 p.m., the Lord called Daniel to his eternal home. Daniel departed peacefully at our home, with family and friends at his side. During his short life, Daniel touched many lives just by being his distinctive self. He also touched countless additional lives, as his story received local media and press from the time of his diagnosis, throughout, and up until the very end. I believe in the purpose driven life, as God used Daniel for a greater purpose than himself. A life cut too short, but Daniel’s duty was well accomplished as the angel he was here on earth, and I know he’s our angel in heaven, still very hard at work. Once again, to no surprise, as Daniel strived to be the best of the best, and succeeded, as he has inspired many by his purpose. Till this day, we hear stories of Daniel still inspiring lives. We reflect back, Daniel always wanted to leave his mark at Holy Cross. Indeed he did … and beyond. He will never be forgotten. He is forever with us, and forever in our hearts. During this devastating loss, we have been sustained with comfort and support from much family, our Holy Cross extended family, many friends, local private schools along with their families, former teachers, coaches, teammates, and opponents of Daniel, and the wonderful community of San Antonio. We can’t thank you enough.



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