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Memorial created 05-25-2011 by
Lindsay George
Nathaniel J George
September 20 1981 - May 3 2009

Forever In Our Hearts


This online memorial was created by me his Little Sister in loving memory of my Brother Nathan George, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Nathaniel's guest book and visit his photo album just to see how much he enjoyed life. We will remember Nathaniel forever. The purpose of this site is so the people who knew Nate can read and Remember him, and those who didn’t get the chance to know him will leave here knowing who he was and how amazing he truly is.


On May 3, 2009 my families and Nate’s friends’ lives as we knew it changed, nothing would ever be the same


This memorial is sponsored by:

The Nathan George Foundation


My moms favorite picture

Nate's story... High School sweet hearts, David and Sandra George welcomed the blond haired blue eyed baby boy Nathaniel John to the world on September 20th, 1981 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He kept mom and dad on their toes. Always wanted to help out, for instance helping mom wash the car and drying the car mats on the grill, they were certainly dry after he helped. He was proud of everything he did even down to his flaws. That made him the amazing man he grew up to be.


Our Hero- 3 Stooges- Me, Nathan, and Nick

Nate was a character, he was his own person he was never a follower, he was always a leader. He was very kind and very adventurous, becoming a role model for his younger Sister Lindsay and Brother Nicolas. He always wanted the best for his brother and sister from the time he was little till they day he left us. Lindsay and Nick always looked up to Nathan. He lived his life to the fullest never second guessed himself, he lived for the moments.



Proud Parents on Graduation Day-2000

Nate graduated from Fredonia High in 2000, and went on to attend college at Kent State in Ohio where he majored in Architecture for two years until transferring to Jamestown Community College where he graduated in 2004. Looking for more, Nate moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. Never settling on thinking it was good enough to be average, he continued his educational career at Wake Tech College of Technology in Raleigh and graduated with an Auto Cad Certificaticate. That love for Architecture never left him. All his college experience landed him a career as a Technical Engineer at Duke Energy of Durham, North Carolina.



His Life- Nate and "Princess Makenzie"

Nate became an uncle and godfather to Makenzie Paige in 2005. Makenzie was his pride and joy, she couldn’t have asked for a better Uncle. Whenever his Mom and Dad went to visit they were not allowed to come alone, they always had to bring "Princess Makenzie" with them. She misses him like crazy. If you ask her what she remembers about her Uncle Nate her answer would be “When he held me upside down by my feet". When she was a baby, he would hold her and cradle her and sing the Backstreet Boys in her ear, for some reason that calmed her. This little girl had Nate wrapped her little finger.


His Last Weekend

On the last weekend in April 2009, Nate, his roommate and a few friends headed to Church Hill Downs to attend the 2009 Kentucky Derby. He thought it would be fun to dress up and go. Again always living for the moment. The pictures from that weekend show the fun and laughter that the trip surely contained. On May 3, 2009, while in West Virginia on their journey back, Nate lost control of the car as a result of a heavy rainstorm. Nate and Brian Miller, a friend and passenger in the car were both lost in the accident. In that split second our lives as we knew it changed forever. No one thinks driving in the rain can be dangerous, but this proves rain can be just as dangerous as snow. Its called Hydroplaning.


Two Beautiful souls Gone to Soon- Nathan and Brian Miller

A Perfect World
by Ron Tranmer ©

In a perfect world,
death would never be.
Love would be forever,
and last eternally.

In a perfect world,
you’d still be by our side,
lighting up our happy lives.
You never would have died.

In a perfect world,
sadness would not be found.
Love and life, and happiness
forever would abound.

Perhaps that perfect world
awaits us when we die.
A world where eternal bliss
is found in heaven’s sky.

We’ll cling to faith and hope,
for God is a God of love,
and in His time we’ll join you
in a perfect world above.


Miss You Nathan <3 Linny Pooh

Nate lived his short life always thinking about others. He valued not only close friends and family but also cared about other people’s feelings. He gave encouraging words when others were in need, and could always be counted on to bring a smile to your face. He was openly silly and had a good sense of humor which accounted for many of the memories that warm our hearts today.

It's hard to put someone's whole life into just a few words, especially for someone as extraordinary as Nate. Let his memory stay alive in all our hearts.

- Morgan Seegert -




Nate and Rob

- I want to thank Eric Musso, and Morgan Seegert for some of the stories and quotes that I pulled off the nathangeorgefoundation.com webpage -

Nathan and Morgan

Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile to know you're there
A breath away not far
To where you are

Nathan and his Cousin Marla
Nathan and Cousin Josh
Brotherly Love
Always making someone smile
Uncle Nate and "Princess Makenzie"
Nathan and Morgan in DC their last weekend trip together
Nate and Our cousin Nicole
Nathan Adan and Eric
I had to beg him to take a nice picture with me :)

This is for you Nathan, not many things I regret with you Nate but one I do is not talking to you more when I had the chance. Life is just so busy and I should have taken the time to sit and enjoy our conversations a little more. I miss you so much, and the more time that goes by the more it seems to hurt. I look at you and feels like a huge rock on my chest and I can’t breathe sometimes, hits me like a ton of bricks when I think about my future without you in it. You will forever be my big brother and my hero. I have kept emotions bottled up but its time I get them out there, because they are not going anywhere. I cry everyday in the shower, I call it my emotional time, I’m alone and no one can judge me and I don’t feel awkward. When I think about you I cry with a smile on face, you are such an amazing person inside and out and you will never know just how much you are missed and loved.

                                                                                     Linny Pooh


lol Almost but not quite...My last birthday with him, Bringing him to the airport

From me to you:

Big Brother

You showed me a lot of things,

I learned a lot I didn't know,

But you forgot to teach me one last thing

How to let you go,

I know you didn't mean to leave me,

Sometimes we have no choice,

I miss being your little sister,

Hearing my name called by your voice,...Linny Pooh I Love You

I wish I got to say "I Love You"

Before you were giving to the sky,

If god could grant me one last wish

I'd ask to say "See You Later"

You always meant a lot to me,

I could never love you less,

I Know It's True When They Say




So I leave you with this Nathan, everyday that passes brings me one day closer to you, so when the time comes for us to meet again I will welcome it with open arms and embrace it, because I know you are on the other side waiting. Love you Nathan and Miss you so much.

He can make you laugh even when you didnt want to
He loved his little Niece to pieces
So handsome standing in his Friends wedding- Big Rob
Always so close



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