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Memorial created 06-12-2011 by
Amy Thompson
Joshua Aaron Gonzalez
August 16 1992 - July 26 2010

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Joshua Gonzalez, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Joshua's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Joshua forever. A life lost, but never forgotten.

Josh, Josh was an amazing, handsome loving person. Josh, so caring always put others first. Josh could put a smile on the saddest person's face, this is what he did best. Josh made you laugh, even if you wanted to cry.

Josh, a prankster at best. If you knew Josh, you knew to expect the unexpected. Josh always brought an element of surprise that was so unique and so rare. Josh taught us to be silly, have fun, and above all, always laugh.

Josh, a natural leader. Josh was charismatic and energitic. A kind person everyone wanted to know and become friends with.

Josh, a contagious smile we could not help, but to love. His mom-mom always said he had an "elvis smile".

Josh, loved his family immeasurably. He was affectionate and caring. Josh, being a teenager was not embarassed to show the one's he loved, that he loved them. Any hug anywhere. Josh especially loved his mom, and loved to call her "momma-bear". Late nights by his mom's side in her bedroom were not uncommon. A special relationship bonded by unconditional love for one another. 

Josh, irreplacable. Josh loved to hunt and fish. Josh often went hunting with his step-dad Jim, his brother Marcus and his pop-pop. Josh loved to go to jungle cock and the mountains.

 Josh loved to lift, swim, and spend time with his brother and friends to pass the day away. He loved Marcus and his friends. Josh also loved music, all kinds of music. He would be rapping to eminem one minute, than singing to country the next. For Josh, music was a way of expression and communication. Any song to fit any situation. Writing. Josh had a special gift when it came to writing. He could write beautiful poems to attract any reader. Physical activity and sports. Josh wrestled and played football growing up. Eagles, Eagles, Eagles. Josh loved the EAGLES! Josh and Jim spent much of their time together watching games and cheering on the birds. My brother Jim deeply misses this.

Josh, a proud big brother. Josh loved to teach his little brother Dean all the fun and exciting things life had to offer.

As a family, we will honor our special memories with Josh. We will hold on to them and love them. Never forget them. For memories will keep Josh alive in all of us. We will cherish the time we had with Josh, forever.

I am one person, one perspective. I am Josh's Aunt Amy. Josh had many people who loved him immensly. Many memories to be shared. *more than words*

Time is prescious and unpredictable. Love every moment with the one's you love.


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