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Memorial created 06-16-2011 by
Cindy Bennett
Danial L Bennett
November 10 1954 - May 20 2011

Dan had his seriously funny side

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Danial Bennett, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Danial's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Dan (Dad, Grandpa, Papa) forever, and feel it is an honor to share his story.


May 24, 1981 The love lives on

It took us a long time to get to this day, but it was worth every minute and every frustration. 


Older, wiser, and still in love

By this time, we had 4 children, who  were working on making us grandparents, (many times over) and still in love.   Dan had a way of making me crazy one minute, and have me laughing the next. 


And the love lives on and on and on

It was our way to say I Love You each and every day, when he went off to work, and when he came home, before he would go out to work in the yard, or I went off to the store.  We never left doubt, for either of us, that the love was always there.  It didn't matter if I was a mess from working in the garden with him, or dressed up for a night out, he made me feel beautiful.  Sometimes I thought he was a little crazy with the timing of his compliments, now I cherish the memory of each and every one of them. 



 Dan loved to read about the Civil War, and watched so many documentaries on it that I began to believe there were none he hadn't seen at least once.  He watched all the movies that came out, and let us know throughout the watching of them what was accurate, and what was not.  Sometimes it was just funny how angry he would get when he thought that they were protraying history incorrectly. 

When he went to Texas for the first time he visited the fair, and could not resist getting this picture taken.  It is so "Dan" that I treasure it to this day.



Nice fish Dan!

This was Dan's little piece of Heaven on earth.  He was crazy enough to go fishing in any weather, and  even took me fishing on our honeymoon!  He loved sharing it with the others in his life too.  I have to admit I have heard some great fishing stories, but I let him have this without me.  Every one needs time to get away and unwind.  It was his plan to get me out in the boat some day.  He was going to fish, while I kicked back and read a book.......  wouldn't that have been something......



CUDA 2010


Dan went to watch every practice and every game for Royal.  The only time he missed a practice he had to stay late at work, and still made it to see the end and give Royal a ride home.  He was tickled when he was invited to help coach, and had hoped to have one more year to coach football.  He told me often how grateful he was that he was able to do what he did.


When Dan was approached about coaching the boys 5th grade basketball team, he admitted that he had never coached basketball before, and hadn't played for many years.  He was told that was ok, it would be the boys first year too, so he said he guessed they could learn together.  He had me download and print everything we could find on the internet about teaching basketball to young kids.  Every day for weeks he brought his "book" with him to work, and studied about plays, drills, and conditioning during his lunch hour so that he could do a good job.  Dan never did anything half way.  They had a great season, and the boys loved playing.  I honestly was amazed at how much they knew by their first game, and how well he had taught them to work together.  I will cherish the memories of watching those games.  I will forever think and "hear" him saying "stay on your man!" when I see a basketball game being played. 


Royal and deer

Some of Dan's proudest moments were when he took the kids hunting and fishing. 



Bev and her psycho deer plus one more

I would love to be able to tell the story of the "psycho deer" but that is not my place to tell.  I know it is a memory that my daughter will never forget.  He said some of his proudest moments in life were taking Bev out to learn how to shoot her new gun, and sitting with her in the tree stand. 


In our house Christmas was everything.  Dan was "Santa" from the time the children were old enough to understand that Santa brought presents.  He always told the children, and then the grandchildren too that he was Santa.  He told anyone who questioned this that he told them the truth, and they would understand that some day.  Every year I would cringe when the new sale papers would come out for Christmas decorations, because I knew that we would have something new coming home with him for out in the yard.  He would be outside in any weather just after thanksgiving putting up decorations and lights.  There was more than one year when he was out in freezing rain, and near blizzard conditions, and times when he had to come in to thaw out his frozen fingers.  Nothing was more important to him than making the house bright and shiny for his children and grandchildren to enjoy.


Dan was not a Packer fan, he was a Seattle Seahawks fan.  But because he loved me, he took me to the Shriners preseason game every chance he could (thank you David).  This was our "get away" when it was just the 2 of us for whatever time we could squeeze in.  I will always hear him when I watch a Packer game for ever more.  Even though he loved to get me riled up during a game, I will hear all those comments that always went with every game, and his laughter, because he got a big kick out of his crazy wife screaming at the TV.

We all grew up and got older together

This is one of those times when just seeing you and being with you made me smile.  The grandkids could wear us out sometimes,


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