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Memorial created 06-23-2011 by
cura jones
Emily M Jones
March 1 2007 - September 6 2008

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Emily Jones, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Emily's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Emily forever.

Emily was born on March 1st 2007 and passed away September 6th 2008 at 18 months old. Emily was tooken from us suddenly from a househould hazard ( a cord from our vertical blinds) at the time I and my family were completely unaware of such hazards. I sit here today still saying if I would of only known. But I nor anyone else can prevent the unknown so my hope today is to tell Emily's story and maybe prevent this from happening to another child. Right before Emily turned 18 months old a friend of mine had a baby so I figured Emily was old enough to sleep in her toddler bed as long as it was in our bedroom (I felt it would be safer) so we took Emily's crib apart and had her sleep like a big girl. She did fine in her new big girl bed even took naps in it fine. On the day she died I and my husband had left to go to work and left our 2 girls with my mom for the day at our house. At 1:00 in the afternoon my friend/roomate came running into my work saying  Emily was choking and she was freaking out I jumped into my car and sped home to find the ambulance there and Emily was already going to hospital I don't remeber talking to anyone but knowing in my heart she was dead I'm not even sure if anyone told me what had happened yet all I knew was that I had to get to the hospital , my mother in law drove me to hospital. When we arrived we went to the ER and there she was in a room with doctors surrounding her trying to revive her but she was already gone, I ran into the room they were working on her in and touched her belly, they told me I couldn't touch her because she was evidence. She was gone. I didn't get to say goodbye I didn't get to hold her or even touch her. This story is so hard for me to write as tears flow from eyes it is hard for me to relive the worst thing that has ever happened to me I'm trying to make this story as clear as I can possibly remember. I eventually learned she had got onto my bed in our bedroom that was located next to the bedroom window and wrapped a beaded loop cord from the  window blindsover her head and around her neck. Emily was taking her nap when the incident occured and was awoken by some visitors and my room mate. Emily got up and played is what I was told after the house settled down my mom figured Emily didn't get a very long nap and didn't want her to be cranky so she layed Emily back down,my mother, she got onto my bed and strangled herself while my mom thought she went back to sleep because she was quiet.



I hope you have the happiest Birthday ever Emily we love you so much. Sissy Mallory said Happy birthday and she misses you, soon she will be able to write it on here herself because she is getting so big already reading. It just makes me think about how if you were here with us you wouldn't be very far behind her. All the things that we're not going to see you do your sister does for the both of you. You will always be apart of her and she thinks about you often and loves you so much. Happy thoughts all day long we love you. Happy 5th Birthday.


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