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Michael Dallas
Mickey J. Dallas
August 14 1993 - May 12 2007

Michael (Mickey) Joe Dallas III was born on August 14 1993 in San Jose to Michael  and Megan (White) Dallas. Mickey passed away as a passenger in a car driven by a friend  in a two vehicle accident May 12 2007. Mickey was a freshman at St. Michael High School.  Mickey loved sports. He entered youth wrestling in kindergarten, played football since 4th grade and played baseball through this last summer.  He was a lifelong member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Mickey enjoyed hunting, fishing, sport and hanging out with his friends.




Mickey was a high energy kid from the time he started walking. He was always getting in to something and making himself known. When he was in 1st grade his mother signed him up for wrestling to hopefully channel some of his energy in to something .This was where he met  Ricky who became one of his best and closest friends, who also gave Mickey's eulogy at his funeral at his own request.
Besides wrestling Mickey started playing t-ball and continued playing baseball, just two months before his passing. Mickey was a pitcher the last few years and played pretty much every other position except catcher and was a very good baseball player. Baseball is where Mickey met Brian who also became one his best and closest friends.


In 4th grade Mickey started tackle football in the youth league, even getting to play in the metrodome in the 5th and 6th grades. In 7th grade he was quarterback and on defense. In 8th grade he played split end. Mickey only got to play 3 games as a freshman before we lost him, but in that 3 games he made his presence very well known by catching passes for touchdowns and playing linebacker on defense. Football was becoming his favorite and was hoping to get a scholarship to play football in college even though he was still a freshman.


  Then came May 12 2007, a day of school that started out like any other day, but ended up like a terrible nightmare. It was a early out day when he went for a ride with a friend and ended up being in an accident with another vehicle. The car he and his friend were in rolled and landed on it's top and caught fire. He was pinned in the vehicle and was unable to be rescued. Mickey was able to call 911 with his cell-phone and identify himself and what had happend. Emergency personal were not able to get there in time to save Mickey, but we believe Mickey's call was what saved his friends life by getting the helicopter in the air and to the scene to transport him. For what Mickey did as a 14yr old in his final moments, we as his parents are and always will be extremly proud of Mickey.
Mickey  is dearly missed and will never be forgoten by his mom Megan and dad Michael, and many friends and relatives.


Son, "They" say as time goes by it gets easier to except but I would say just the opposite. Mickey with your passing it gets harder by the day knowing I will never see you again on this earth. The only thing that gets easier is putting on a mask to hide from people how much it's taring me apart on the inside and how much I miss you. I wonder every day why this ever had to happen.

It teares us apart thinking about all the things your missing out on in life like hanging out with friends and family just enjoying life as you should be. I love and miss you more than words can ever describe. I will see you again some day Mickey.

 Love dad



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