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Memorial created 07-17-2011 by
Vera Puckette
William Lewis Puckette II
November 25 1979 - May 3 2011

His Beautiful Smile......

This online memorial was created in loving memory of William "Lewis" Puckette II, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website.
Every since the day Leiws was born, he was alwsys my "Breathe of Fresh Air"


His more serious look......

Lewis was a big inspiration to all who knew him and met him throughout hid last days.  He had a big heart for people.  Lewis was a hard worker and did his best at what he strived to do with pride.  He was a very polite young man.  He always remembered his upbringing.  He used his manners which he was taught by his parents; "Yes Mam", "No Mam",  "Yes Sir", "No Sir".  He was very kind to people.  He also had a deep love for animals. 

I remember when Lewis saw a squirrel get hit on the highway, we lived out in the country at that time, he went to the highway, he was probably somewhere around 10 years old at that time.  He picked up the poor squirrel, walked up the hill with it and brought it into the house and told his dad and I.  His heart hurt for the little squirrel and he had seen it move.  He put it in an old bathtub we had in our garage and nurtured it back to health.  He name it, "Sally".  As time went on his dad put a tiny shelf on a tree out in our back yard and turned it loose.  However, we found out it wasn't a "Sally", LOL!  It was male.  Lewis got the biggest kick out of that and so did we!


Lewis loved to spend time with his dad and friends.  He loved to spend time at his place in Zoe, OK at Black Fork Creek, and at the Dow Hole, to fish and hang out.  Enjoyed going to the Deer Woods with his closest friends to spend time with them, not so much to hunt,, just to hang out. 


This is the more serious side of Lewis.  When he got on the computer or his games it was hard to get him off..........enjoyed anything to do with technology, his specialty!  But because he loved the new technology, that's what helped him to land his wonderful job for the "City of Poteau" in Oklahoma.  He helped with a variety of things in the office which also dealt with designing and setting up the GPS System for  some in this community.


Holly Renee and Ashlynn Isabella Lannigan

This is a photo of his sister, Holly Renee, age 25, 6 years younger than Lewis and her daughter, Ashlylnn Isabella Lannigan,who he truly loved and was very close to.  A few summers before he passed away he went to visit Holly and Joshua, her husband, in Arlington, VA.  They had a wonderful time!  Holly hold those memories near and dear to her hurt and so does her wonderful husband, Joshua.  Ashlynn was born in Naples, Italy and before Lewis passed away, Holly and Ashlynn flew in from Naples, Italy on a Saturday, then turned around 2 days later and  with her dad and Ashlynn and drove to Rochester, MN, which was a 13 hour drive in order to get to see her brother before he passed away.  A visit she will never forget nor regret!  Before Lewis was unable to talk, Holly and I went to the hospital room; I stood outside the door of his room and we opened the door and she and I will never forget the beautiful smile that came across Lewis's face, he so loved Ashlynn and was going to hate missing out on her life!  This was a highlight of his hospital stay;seeing his niece for the very last time in his life upon this earth.  His beautiful smile was worth it all! 


Lewis and Charles Puckette (his only brother)

Lewis and Charles used to be close and have fun together as they grew up.  But then, problems arose and separated them because of Charles' problems and was a necessary thing for Lewis to do in order to survive stability in his life. 

About a week before Lewis died Charles called and Lewis and him talked.  Charles told Lewis he loved him very much and that he was always the person he wanted to be, he always looked up to Lewis, told him he was so very sorry for everything he had ever done to him and asked his forgiveness.,  Lewis told Charles he loved him too and told him he forgave him for everything.  "Water under the bridge bro, water under the bridge". 


Lewis and Charles (his only brother)

William Lewis Puckette (his dad) and me, Vera Lea Puckette.  We were sooo very proud of Lewis as our son!  A parent could not have asked for a better son.  He was wonderful to us!  We Love You So Very Much Lewis and Miss You So Very Much and You Made Us Proud to have you as our son!  God Bless You and We know you are happy now.


William "Lewis" Puckette II/3 months old

Lewis at 3 months old.

Lewis (age 2) and Charles Puckette (age 5)
Lewis (Age 6) and his one and only sister Holly Renee Puckette (Age 8 days old)

Awe......Lewis was sooo very happy to have a little sister!  He loved her and cherished her!  He to the day he died was so very proud of her and loved her so very much!  He hated to hurt her by dying and missing out on the rest of her life!  He didn't want to hurt her in any way.  Lewis and Holly were two peas in a pod.  The last summer before my daughter, Holly, left for Italy,, because her wonderful husband, Joshua, was sent to Italy first, Holly spent the whole summer with her dad and brother, Lewis, and said it was the best summer of her life to spend the time with him!  She loved Lewis so much and always looked up to Lewis.  She misses him very much!


Lewis and Holly Fishing

Lewis always baited Holly's hook for her and took the fish off the hook for her when she caught one. 


William "Lewis" Puckette II

Out showing his support for the community of "Poteau, OK".


William "Lewis" Puckette II

At this time Lewis had strained his ankle and foot.  But he was a real fighter and never let anything get him down, until December, 2010, when he found out he was possibly going to die.


Lewis and "Blessings", our first Maltese

Just like Lewis father, he loved and cared for animals and would do most anything to help his dad with the animals.


Lewis and his good friend Ike Burrows

Lewis loved Ike Burrows who preceeded Lewis in death.  Ike was his neighbor and just loved Lewis and Lewis loved Ike!  Ike Burrows served in Normandy and had a lot of stories to tell Lewis.


William "Lewis" Puckette II...Laughing

Lewis was a very serious minded person but when he finally laughed he made it a good one!  Love it!


Lewis, Bill, Holly, Charle and Me, Vera

This was his immediate family with all of us still together.


Charles "Slade" Puckette and Lewis's brother, Charles Lee Puckette

Lewis really looked out for Charles "Slade" Puckette, his nephew.  He loved Slade and wanted him to do well in everything he set out to do in life!  Lewis was a positive role model for Slade and always made sure "Slade" had Christmas presents and bought him school clothes.  Slade got to come see Lewis before the helicopter at St. Edward's Hospital in Ft. Smith, AR transferred Lewis for the last time to Mayo Clinid at the Rochester Methodist Hospital in Rochester, MN.  Slade gave his "Uncle Lewis" a big hug and kiss and Lewis gave "Slade" a big hug and kiss and told him to take care and that he loved him!  Lewis loved Slade so very much and always looked out for him.....Slade misses his "Uncle Lewis" so very much!!!!!!

Lewis clowning around behind his proud daddy, Bill Puckette and his very much loved sister, Holly.
Lewis behind the highway rail, Mom (Vera), Holly and Charles

We were on our way to Beaumont, TX,.  A fun trip we had!


Lewis and his best friend/brother through high school and on and on and on! Two Peas in a Pod!

Our family moved to Poteau, Ok in 1994 and helped take care of Lewis's Grandpa.  In Panama, OK is where a new best friend would be made by Lewis.  Michael Killion and Lewis went to school that year and never became inseparable from that point on.  They did everything together.  And knew about what each other did!  They became BROTHERS!  They loved each other!


The Angel God Put Upon this Earth For Lewis: Amy Ellis, RN

Amy Ellis is an RN at Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center in Poteau, OK.  Amy and Lewis were friends.  When Amy found out about Lewis's devastating illness, Aplastic Anemia, she put together a Bone Marrow and Blood Drive to help save Lewis's life.  It turned out to be the largest one that we are aware of, in the history in this community!  They ran out of supplies and had to go get more that day, not only once but twice!!!  Lewis was well loved and supported!  She desperately was trying to find a match for Lewis to save his life.  Even though it didn't save his life it has helped many others and possibly saved other people's lives.  However, for every donation made in his honor, $40.00 per person who donated went toward the expenses of his medical bills.  THANK YOU POTEAU for pouring out your hearts and pocket books!  He loved you and his community! 

Also, Candice Hockett (far right) was one of the many volunteers for the Blood Drive.  Thank you Candice

The fund-raisers they had also went toward medical expenses and upkeep for him and toward travel for him.  God Bless You for reaching out to Lewis and his family!  We all truly love you and this community!

In the photo from L to R:  Amy Ellis, Vera Puckette and


Vera Puckette, Jeff Shockley (Lewis's Boss), ?, Bill Carroll

Lewis loved his boss, Jeff Shockley!  Jeff was so very supportive of Lewis and our family during his illness and thoughout our time of need.  Thank you Jeff!  We love you and support you whole-heartedly!!!!!



Prayer Vigil for Lewis

The whole community came out in support of Lewis at this Candle Light Prayer Vigil. Thank you Poteau!  We Love You!


Poteau Community lined the streets for Prayer for Lewis

God Bless You Poteau!


So many friends and support for Lewis.........Lewis knew because I shared this with him and he said to say, "Thank you!".


Aplastic Anemia Awareness Bracelets (Wrist Bands)

So.........Aplastic Anemia Awareness Bracelets were ordered and helped raise funds for Lewis's expenses....Thank you!  They named the Wrist Band, "Team Lewis".


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