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Erica Acierno
Jonathan Michael Acierno
November 5 1980 - January 18 2010


Deb Sisco I have to say that I am so glad to get these reconnect messages from time to time. Lets me think of you :) Miss you friend

Michelle Rice Hey old friend. Happy St. Patti's Day. I know it's one of your favorites. I miss you. Love always!

Melissa Travostino

Yesterday I was thinking about the good ol' drinking hat from Ireland. Good times!

Jayde Sanchez Hey Jon, I was wathing "This is it" and I laugh everytime Ur MJ solo comes up. I miss your random out bust of song in the office. Miss u Jon

Raynell Webb I miss U Jon. Easter is around the corner I had to laugh about the day I stole UR Peeps from ur office. God Blessed us with u. U had a fabulous sense of humor & a great personality. Thanks for the memories.

William Hartley Thanks for that great reference, about to be promoted really soon!

Alexandria Reyes Canini Thinking of you... thanks for watching over us...

Theresa DePierro Hi Jonathon I have been thinking of you lately and I wanted to say god bless you. Thank you for always being such a great friend to me. You always were a ray of light even when I felt down. I miss chatting with you. Love you Theresa

Erica Acierno can't believe you are gone 3 months already. It has been so hard without you. In the first two months everything was surreal and didn't make any sense but now that it is three months it's all settling in. I
wish that we could still be together and happy. We have so many great memories and I try to remember them all but it'...s hard because of how sad I am right now. You always taught me to see the best in everyone and you never gave up on everyone. You always taught me to push myself and go that extra mile. You made me smile even when I was going crazy last semester. I miss your laugh and your smile. I sit and I listen to the Avenue Q soundtrack and I picture you singing the "The Internet is for Porn". I remember how hard it was to say goodbye to you three months ago. The fact that you will not be at my graduation physically hurts because you were always there for everything major. Jon you left such a legacy behind and I miss you very much. R.I.P. Jon I LOVE YOU!!!

Kristen M. Lamb Jon you were my best friend ! There for me if I needed advise. You tried to see the best in everyone and everything. It's hard here without you! I miss having our talks and getting together to hang out. Our memories are price less. You were a true friend! I'll always miss you.

Deb Sisco its that time of the month... to say hello and remember you :)

Andrea Gulino Hi John--I was cleaning up my house and was listening to U2--I suddenly thought of you and how we would talk back and forth here on FBK about what we love about them and the recent concert we just saw of them. Miss you John..I'm sure you were listening in as I played their songs just now.

Simeon-Dan Guisuraga Just wanted to say 'hi' my dear friend.

Adele Mont i received a really funny email today and i know you were reading over my shoulder because I could hear you laughing.....old friend

Erica Acierno I can't believe that is four months since you have left us. You were my rock and I have been so lost without you. Today is so hard because it is so close to graduation and you just aren't here. It isn't fair that everyone down here is suffering and you were just stolen from us. I know you would hate me for saying this but I'm angry at God for taking you away and I think it will take me awhile to get over it. I sit here wishing and hoping that you still might walk in the door. ALTHOUGH the initial shock has worn off that you are not coming back it still pains me to think that you not here. I think of all the times that I turned you down when you wanted to do stuff-what could have been. I think of how you have inspired so many people including myself. Time feels like it just keeps going and yet here I am wishing and hoping for one more late night chat with you, one more petty argument or one more I love you. People often wonder what it is like to loose a brother. Words cannot express the pain and emotions that I go through each and everyday. I watch those around me suffer because of what they lost Jon when you were taken from us. January 18, 2010 will permanently be embedded in my brain. Every month I try to cope to the best of my ability but it is so hard. Today when I have a day like this I would rather be home with mom and dad. Mom is going to be a mess and boy does Pepper miss you. Jon you truly were stolen from us. You gave so much to those around you and you never saw evil in anyone. Jon you truly are "Gone Too Soon". R.I.P. Jon  I MISS AND LOVE YOU FOREVER 11/5/80- 1/18/10


Janine DePuma Thought of you today for no apparent reason. I was just walking to work and you crossed my mind.

Sara Ilene I saw someone that reminded me of you the other day. man, I wish you couldve met my son. we talked a lot while I was pregnant and you really helped me to stay positive! miss you!

Bonniejane O. No one told me that you had passed away. I found
my self wondering why you had not messaged me about the new season of
Doctor Who. I know you're in a great place now.

Kristen M. Lamb I can still hear your voice! You had a way of making me happy even when I was sad. I love you!

Jon-Paul Uriarte Four months ago today my friend you passed away. It seems like years. I miss you and I love you. You Joe and me we were like the three musketeers. You left us way too soon. I miss you but I hate you for leaving us. I think of you all the time. I miss your laugh, miss seeing you with a coffee mug in your hands. Me and J...oe were having a mop fight outside today for no reason. I'm sure you were laughing at us calling us pods. Rest in peace my friend your earned it but you earned it too early. Look after us your family and your Godson Vincenzo Joseph. We'll meet again one day and we'll still be rooting for those damn bums we call the Mets.

Thomas Lavino hope all is well...please guide the Mets

Genéa Stewart I had a funny story to share with you the other day. I miss your laugh and your smile. I pray for you and you should know your loss is still felt. I hope you are doing well.

Erica Acierno jon i miss you so much and i just wish you were here to guide me through everything. You truly inspire me to make a difference with others and to always see the best in everyone. I love you

Lauren Sessa thinking of you jon...

Kristen M. Lamb Jon we miss you! Love to you Always!

Salvatore Vassallo I got a letter today from Jon's family. It was rather touching and emotional. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Acierno and thank you too, Erica for the heart touching letter. i will alway keep it closely to me very dearly and won't forget about it.

George Nicolaidis I received a letter from your family today. I think of you often.

Kristen M. Lamb I just received a thank you letter from your family. I think of you all the time, and will stay in touch with your family.

Marisa Uriarte-Siesto Jon, you really dont want us to forget about you... Again you were in the Advance on Sunday. Even in your death you are enjoying St. Maartin! Its still so hard to imagine life without.


Kristen M. Lamb
To the person I respect and cherish. Love to you always


Erica Marie A
Five months ago today I lost you. You were my rock and my inspiration. You showed me right from wrong and always taught me to see the best in everyone. Jon when u died that day a piece of me died too. You are gone but not forgotten. Each day I sit and wait for u as if you will walk through the door.

         Erica Marie A I often wish it would be you who would call on the phone. I still have so many memories of all the good times we had together. I wish at night I could stop reliving that dreadful day. Jon I truly miss you and I love you. R.I.P. Jon June 18, 2010 at 1:35pm

Jon-Paul Uriarte
Jon I keep thinking you are gonna think up some funny thing to say about Joe. I miss you my friend. Your Godson Vincenzo is 14 months. He's walking and just being a menace. Watch over him and all of us. We miss you and love you. R.I.P.


Simeon Guisuraga
Missing you...
Vien Way-Pong Chen
♥ I thought about our crazy days in London, Jon ....
Andrea Gulino
You popped in my mind while on the ferry last week. Thinkin bout ya!


Adele Mont
I just look at a picture of us at Wanger with our students...It was a good day even having to drive all the way back to Dobbs Ferry while you where home watching 24. lol I miss you bubbie


Kristen M. Lamb
Jon I still cry about you! I'm sorry you had to go, but I know you couldn't stay. For all I can do is hope, to see you again some day. You'll remain in my thoughts every day to come, for I still believe you are here, and know you're number one .


Janine Mazanec
Last night, you showed up in my dreams and I knew it was the last time I'd get to hug you, so I held on extra tight. Milo proposed, you know. We're getting married...it won't be the same without you there. I love you my friend.


Erica Marie A
‎7 months ago I lost my best friend. You made everything around me feel better. Jon I miss you so much and please continue to watch over us.


Simeon Guisuraga
Hi John...I miss you!


Erica Marie A
Its hard to believe you're gone so long. It seems as if you're still on vacation or something. I can't handle rejection as good as you. Jon I'm so lost without you. I wish you were here to get me through not having a job. Jon send me sign because right now my belief in God has faded. Jon I miss you. Jon you were my inspiration and friend. You Treated me with respect and taught me to never give up. Well I have given up on my job search. I just want to teach. Jon I wish u were here to tell me everything is alright. I wish you were here to celebrate the major events in our lives. Jon I need you now more then ever. I love you big bro and I really miss you. Xoxo ur sister Erica September 7, 2010
Laura Severino
Hey Jon I stopped by the COP office today and it reminded me so much of u and wen i made this page for u and wen i would go and press all ur buttons in ur office that made a noise or sang a song I can't believe ur gone!


Erica Marie A
Jon I miss you so much but your legacy lives on


Christine Siesto
Hi Jon, your godson is getting soooo big. He runs around the house and gets into everything. He also thinks that he is Mr. Funny which he is. Continue to watch over him and Jenna and keep them safe.


Erica Marie A
9 months ago I lost my brother but he was so much more than that. When he died I lost a part of my soul. Every day I just long to see him. I see him in my dreams and I'm in such pain. I wish he would just come back down to earth and stay with us. I live with him in my dreams but I also have nightmares of that dreadful day. I wish he were here with me. Please watch over us. Jon you will never be forgotten. I hope in my lifetime I can accomplish what you did in your short 29 years. R.I.P. dear brother and know you're not forgotten.

   Jim Poulin Hey Erica...I know the time does not make you ever forget the sorrow you feel now. It was no secret, that the bond the two of you had. He spoke of you to me very often. How many time would he start a conversation.."my sister and I.." Jo...n gave us all a gift by being the man that he was. But you gave him the best gift anyone could ever give to someone. He knew at the time of his death you loved him. There was also no doubt that he loved you. I wish you peace. God bless!!


Theresa DePierro
Jonathon I just wanted to say I was thinking of you and wanted to write something on your wall. You are truly missed, I am blessed to have met you. I want to thank you for being such a good friend to me and chatting with me. God bless you and I know you are watching over everyone.


Erica Marie A
God saw you were getting tired, And a cure was not to be,
So he put his arms around you And whispered, "Come to me"
With tearful eyes we watched you, And saw you pass away,
Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.


Jon-Paul Uriarte
Hey pod. I miss you. It seems weird you're gone almost 10 months. I pray for you every day that you're in peace but I also curse you for leaving us much too soon. I still remember you and I on the day before you died talking about Joe and the fact how badly we would abuse him. It's hard thinking up ways to mess with Joe. You and Melissa were the masters while I would every now and again come up with one. All I can say is watch over Vinny Jenna and the rest of us.
Must be a fire, you guys so mean and all the other good ones.


Erica Marie A
Although the day is done each night is hard without you. Every night I wake up from those nightmares hoping that you will be there and say its Ok. I remember how u always felt bad when I would have nightmares from my thesis but you were there to say it will all be Ok. I miss you so much and I wish you could come home for Thanksgiving. Mom cries everyday but I'm strong. Wish my emotions would come. I love you Jon and I always will.

Charles Guigno
miss you jon !!! I still have your christmas card in my room...you knew me so well even though we never got a chance to have a relationship outside of the









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