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Memorial created 10-28-2011 by
Tammy Cagle
Dakota Scott Houdeyshell
June 6 1995 - March 22 2011

This was Koty's last school picture in 2010

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Dakota Houdeyshell, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Dakota's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Dakota forever.Koty was born June 6,1995 at 2:40 a.m.he weighed 6lbsand 8.5oz and he was 20in. long he was a beautiful little baby boy.I remember the first time I saw him I knew my life was changing for the better.From that day on I started living for Koty he was and is my inspiration.And as I had my 2 other beautiful boys I lived for them also that is what is keeping me going now is Koty's little brothers Jeffrey and Devin and of coarse my wonderful husband but first and most of all our faith in our heavenly father.Because when you lose a child it is unlike any pain I have ever known and god has been carring us through this journney of sorrow.We love you Koty and we will always miss you my angel boy.


This was Koty in 2009

I know we are not walking this journy of sorrow and loss alone Fore our heavenly father is with us through all this.He knows how very much we miss our son and how very much he was and is still LOVED.Koty will always be my first born and we had a bond that death cannot take away.I want every on who have and has suppoted us how much we have appreciated all that they do.Keep us in your prayers as these will be our first big holidays we are facing with out our Koty.Koty loved the holidays I just dont know how we are going to get through them.Koty was a gentle soul I still selfleshly wish he was here witu us.I would love just one more hug from my son.just one more I love you.I miss his voice and his laughter.Koty will be forever in our hearts and he will always be apart of my soul


Koty in west band roon ready to play 2009

Dakota's brothers Jeffrey and Devin will forever miss their big brother.They looked up to him and sometimes they seem so lost without him.They are only 12 and 7.I remember soon after Koty died Jeffrey asked who will be my big brother now and I just held him and said Koty will always be your big brother and he will be watching over them from heaven.It is hard to comfort them through their pain when my pain sometimes almost brings me to my knees.But with GOD I can help them and let them cry and talk.People say it gets easier but I dont think that is true we just learn to live around it and adjust to the circumstances of death.Are family will forever be changed and something will always be missing it is Koty without him things will forever be changed.


I am very proud of all 3 of my sons my 2 here on earth and our Koty in heaven.



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