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Dr. & Mrs. John Daniels

Memorial created 11-1-2011 by
Erin Quick Lichtenfels
Hailey "Bugs" Quick
June 5 2000 - October 26 2011

Peace and Love

  Hailey will forever remain in many peoples hearts and memories for the rest of our lives. She was taken from us much too soon and nothing is going to take that pain away. Hailey was my first niece, she was also a big sister, daughter, grand-daughter, great grand-daughter, and cousin.   I love looking at pictures and reminiscing about her. I hope it helps for you also.  Please visit the photo album and sign the guestbook for Hailey.



It seems she was only here for a second, but in that second she affected the lives of so many people with her infectious smile, laugh, and loving personality. How can it only take a second to take someone so beautiful away?


How do you say goodbye to someone you never thought you would have to live without?




Hailey was so beautiful, unique, loving, funny, sweet, strong, creative, energetic, free spirit. She loved life....she smiled all the time. She loved her friends and family, the color pink, ice cream, sports, roller/ice skating, animals, singing, mini golf, tae kwon do, peace signs.  So much more....





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