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Memorial created 11-14-2011 by
heather almoney
Eric John Clapper jr
September 1 2011 - November 12 2011

eric jr and Daddy

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Eric Clapper jr, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Eric's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Eric forever.

                                                 My little man was born 2 months early he was in york hospitals nicu. Whighing only 3 pounds 7 oz and 17 inch long. He stayed in the nicu from sept 1 st to oct 8th. He  weighted 5 pounds 12 oz..... It was a verry happy day for me and my girlfriend and oldest child Cherokee.. Bring home are sweet little Eric and showing friends and family are sweet angel..They sent him home on a heart machine because he was still having drops in his heartrate. He was having drops in his heartrate like 2 times a day. His machine would go off and there was nothing wrong with him. So we called to see about getting a new one. They came out and gave us a new machine. But on november 12 my girlfriend was feeding my sweet angel when she heard him gasp for air she took the bottle out of his mouth and his heart stoped beatting while doing cpr my grilfriend was on the phone with 911 the machine never went off saying that his heart stoped to she was on the phone with 911. They came out and took my girlfriend and little Eric to the york hospital there was when they told us the news that know parent should ever hear are baby boy passed away and there was nothing that we could do to help him.Still not sure of the cause of death to they get the autosopy back.. Wish there was somthing that could of helped him i wish that the nicu wouldnt of sent him home to they new that he was going to be ok..I went to wic on the 11th and they said then that he was only 4 pounds with clothing on. We called the drs to see if we could get him in to get looked at because of how many times befor the machine went off and they ouldnt get us in to dec 1.


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