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Robert Lee Peace
January 9 1917 - September 8 1987

The Family Life of Bob and Joy Peace

Robert Lee Peace and Henrietta Joy Stauffacher were married in 1942 in Petoria South Africa.

The Wedding Party included Bob's commanding officer, Joy's sister, bride & Groom, Joy's brother-in-law, and four comrades from Bob's flight crew.

Bob and Joy, proud parents of Shelley and twins-
Gayla and Leela.

Gayla remembers this car! As young girls Joy would drive them to the market in it. She would stay in the car and insist the girls take turns picking up groceries on their own - teaching them how to interact with adults. Gayla who was rather shy would always take a little more encouraging from her mom before managing it!

The girls remember going to the airport on Sundays and watching the planes take off and land while listening to the pilots communicate on the radio. Gayla remebers: "Dad would chat with his friends and watch the planes with us. We often brought our paper dolls to play with in the backseat of the car. We would frequently have chances to fly with Dad, occasionaly he would even let us fly the plane. We would take turns going up with him especially when we lived in Beira, Mozambique when he did the mail runs -twice daily.

The family would also take drives in the game reserves and look for game. Dad would give prizes to the first one who spotted a one of the 'Big Five' -lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros."

Joy was an incredible mother! She taught the girls school at home for the fisrt 7 years because the schools in Beira, Mozambique were all taught in Portugese. The girls would study at home with mom, and then play with their Portuguese friends. They all could speak Portuguese fluently but only Leela retained a grasp of the language.

Her daughters recall the long walks their mother would take with them on the beaches of Beira. A favorite walk was along the shore with a Lighthouse in the distance - a scene depicted in an oil painting Shelley displays in her home. The walks were unusual because they were always taken in the RAIN and usually under protest from the girls. They would walk for an hour or so and then all return home to warm bubble baths and cups of hot chocolate.

Bob and Joy and dog "Happy"- resting just in front of their home in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)

Playing with their youngest grandson - Colin.

Bob took this photograph of his grandchildren on Christmas Day 1973 before any 
of them had seen America! (Back row: Nicki, Tracy, Sharon. In front: Paul and Lynda)

Bob and Joy in California!

Immediate Family:
Robert Lee Peace:
Parents: Bradley Peace -- father, Virginia Early Peace -- mother (September 8, 1895 - January 1, 1994)
Sister: June Brummett
Brothers: Dr. Philip Peace and Col. Jack Peace.

Henrietta Joy Stauffacher:
Parents: Charles John Stauffacher -- father ( November 3, 1877 - ) [married Grace August 26, 1906] Grace Bekin -- mother (November 3, 1882 - March 25, 1936); [married Alice December 12, 1940] Alice Ekstroncer -- stepmother (July 13, 1890 --)
Sister: Ruth Mary Stauffacher (March 5, 1910 -)
Daughters: Cheryl (Shelley) Ann, Gayla Ruth, and Leela June.

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