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Karen Schon

Memorial created 02-26-2012 by
Diane Howard
Kristen Rene Schon
March 2 1991 - November 23 2011

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Kristen Rene Schon, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Kristen's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Kristen forever. 


 Kristen was born in San Diego, California to Diane Howard and Gary Schon. At birth this tiny little girl was 8 pounds 1 oz with a head of light brown curly hair with blonde tips. She has a big brother, Christopher who she called FoFo.

From a very early age Kristen was a very friendly child. Always smiling and laughing it wasn't hard for her to make friends where ever she went. Kristen had the kind of personality that would light up the darkest room the minute she walked in and a smile to go with it. When it came to Kristen, what you saw is what you got. There wasn't anybody that wasn't drawn to her and her contagious positive attitude.

Growing up in Southern California it isn't unusual that Kristen loved the beach and loved surfing. Dolphins and dogs were her favorite animals. Kristen loved taking her surf board out whenever she could. She loved catching the waves and playing where the dolphins played. It was obvious Kristen was always going to be a "Cali Girl". She wore that title on her right shoulder.....in pink, her favorite color. She also wore her dolphin surrounded by hybiscus flowers and of course a wave. 

From a very young age Kristen loved dogs and the bigger the better. At four years old her best friend was a Great Dane named Roz. Kristen's  love of dogs led her to volunteer her time at the animal shelter in Carlsbad, California. This is also the same shelter she adopted her beloved Bella in July 2011. It was this love for dogs that made her decide to become a Vet Tech. She also wanted to be a voice for those unable to speak for themselves and she felt that she was able to do this volunteering at the shelter.

Kristen was also a model and GOGo Dancer with the GoGo Dolls. Kristen loved to dance as a small child so it was no surprise that she joined the GoGo Dolls. 

Kristen also had a love for music, DUBSTEP was her favorite although she did like all kinds of music. Kristen taught herself to play the piano and was actually pretty good for someone who never had a lesson in her life. Kristen also liked playing the guitar which is something that she had just started learning in the past year.

Mom, Christopher and Kristen
Kristen and mom
Kristen and dad @ high school graduation party 20009

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