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Memorial created 03-5-2012 by
Vickie Prendergast
Matthew Vernon Louviere
April 20 1978 - March 18 1997

Missing you so much...

 This website is in loving memory of my son, Matthew Vernon Louviere. Matt was born on April 20, 1978 and passed away on March 18,1997. It is my intention to share his life and also the journey thru grief following his suicide.If Matt's story touches even one other person in a positive way the world would be a happier place..and I share my journey openly and honestly as well, in hopes of helping other mother's and loved ones just as others helped me. We all need alittle help from time to time in life...Please sign Matt's guestbook.

The song playing is called RainbowsEdge" My husband Steven Bradshaw wrote the lyrics,the music and performs it.





4/20/14 An open letter to my son... Hello sweetheart, it's me.. Your mom... Remembering you on your birthday,as I have always done and will continue to do as long as I live.. I love you ( I know .. I know that you know that I love you).. And I'm pretty sure I will continue to remind you every chance I get... I remind your brothers That I love them every chance I get as well,and you know this.. Just so you know that I know!! I miss you a thousand and one different ways as one year rolls into the next and the next..





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