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Memorial created 07-3-2012 by
Dana Eatmon
Ryan Austin Eatmon
August 14 1994 - April 6 2012

Ryan on ovoo

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Ryan Eatmon, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Ryan's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Ryan forever. Ryan died in a car accident on his way to school on April 6, 2012 Good Friday. Ryan was 17 and a junior at Western Harnett High School in North Carolina. Ryan was a member of FFA, Golf , and Wrestling team. Ryan was a member of Raven Rock Presbyterian church where he was very active in the youth group, he was also a dedicated member of the Coastal Carolina Presbyterian Youth Council and served on it for 3 years.. Ryan was a very  outgoing youngman and had tons of friends. He has 2 sisters Devyn and Camdyn that are heartbroken without their older brother. My husband and I are totally lost without our son. On Good Friday before my son left for school he posted this on his facebook

"On this day thousands of years ago, a man was beaten, tormented and crucified for you. He gave the greatest love for you , so that one day you all could be with him in paradise and for that I am thankful, think about that all of you who think this is just a half day of school.

My son always use to ask me how to tell people about god that didn't believe and on April 6, 2012 God used Ryan for this purpose because his facebook posting was made into a banner and hung in the commons area of his school. I have also learned in  the 3 months since his death that news footage with his facebook posting was aired all over N.C. but  in many other states(N.Y., S.C.,PA, MI, FL.) In the bible it says we are put here on this earth for one reason and that is to tell others about God and to get as many as we can to accept Jesus and have the reward of living with him in paradise. I believe Ryan accomplished this on April 6 and have no doubt that he heard the words we all want to hear one day "well done my good and faithful servant". WE LOVE AND MISS YOU OUR BELOVED RYNO!!!!

In class

Ryan has been on the Western Harnett golf team for 3 years, he loved it and he was really getting good at it. He practiced and watched golf on tv. They made an award called the Ryan Eatmon Character Award for golf to be given out every year in his memory. We are so happy they are remembering him in this way.


This is Mr. Currin Ryans golf coach with Ryans sister Devyn giving out The Ryan Eatmon Character Award for Golf to Ryan's friend since birth (17years) Jacob Smith.

One of his friends made this
Family pic. taken at Valentines

This was our last family picture together, we were planning to get our family picture done this summer.


Spring pic 2012

Ryan loved this picture, he was so proud of it . He was letting his hair grow out and it had just started looking like he wanted it. This is the first picture he has smiled in since 7th when he got his braces. He got his braces off in November,2011. We call it his GQ picture because he thought he looked like a hollister model.


Ryan with his cousin Jordan

Ryan was the oldest granchild and he was 3 years older than Jordan and Jordan looked up to him and really misses him.


Ryan loved Captian America

Ryan loves superhereos and he was excited about the Avengers movie he was counting down the days till it came out.. I came out a month after his accident.


Ryan and his friend Jacob going to play golf.


Ryan was a powderpuff cheerleader and but 100% into  it like he did everything, his cheerleader name was Riley


Ryan and Nathan

Ryan with one of his best Friends Nathan Carnes


Ryan, Zack and Oscar ( The recipe=EMB)

Ryan with his Best Friends Oscar and Zack


Goofing off in class with his friends


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