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Memorial created 07-25-2012 by
Mariah Faith Sandoval
April 19 2011 - July 2 2012

Forever in our hearts, NEVER forgotten

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Mariah Sandoval, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Mariah's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Mariah forever.

Mariah was a beautiful smart little girl who was always smiling and very happy. She loved her Mommy and Daddy very much! She liked to play with her older brother Matthew and her older sister Mikaila. Mariah liked taking bathes and playing with blocks. She would throw her own diapers away and she could pick out her own shoes and even try to put them on herself. She loved playing dollies with her sister. She would also push Mikaila around on a baby car. She also liked Dora the Explorer. She was so attached to her Daddy that when he would come home from work she would run up to him yelling "da dee". Mariah will be missed very much but she will always be in our hearts. We understand that GOD had a purpose for her in the short time that we had her and she must have accomplished it because GOD took her home with him. 



Mariah with Daddy at school

I feel it is finally time to talk about how Mariah passed away. When this memorial was set up it was just to hard to talk about but now i feel ready. It was a normal Monday morning Mariah and mikaila were sitting on the bed playing and I went to the bathroom for a few mins and when I returned is when my world came crashing down around me. I could see Mikaila on the bed signing or something but i couldnt see Mariah from the bathroom so i didnt kinow anything was wrong. Well I came out of the bathroom and I saw Mariah at the window which at first glance looked as if she had been looking out the window which she had done numerous times. But then i saw her arms dropped to her side and thats when I noticed the cord to the blinds around her neck like as if she has lost balance and the cord caught under her neck it wasnt wrapped around or anything her head just layed there. I immediatly grabbed her and layed her on the bed and started screaming I dont even know what Mikaila was doing at this time or where she was. I hurridly found my cell phone and it was dead i hurried to plug it in and dialed 911 while screaming for help my neighbors started coming over at this point i dont remember much except trying to perform cpr and a friend helping me and thinking why the paramedics werent there yet when i lived a block away from the fire station i just wanted someone to hurry up and save my baby. When the peramedics finally came i was asked to leave my apt while they did whatever they could to save my baby. I guess in the back of my mind I knew she was gone I dont know how long i was in the bathroom for 10 or 15 mins top but her lips were already starting to turn blue when i reached her. I never knew children died from blind cords until this happened I never even knew that it was a possibility but it is and it happens more than it should so many more children have died since Mariah and it hasnt even been 6 months. The blind companies are still producing these blinds that are killing our children and I dont know what its going to take to get theem to stop but I am willing to do my best to save other children and there families from it happeninng to them its so horrible to find your child that way. I know that Mariah is in heaven with jesus and for that i am greatful. I love you Mariah!!!! And im so sorry!!!! To find out more about blind safty please visit this site. www.pfwbs.com

The day Mariah was Baptized.
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