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Memorial created 09-18-2012 by
Nikoleta Mihail
Garrett Jude Borne Jr.
September 15 2012 - September 15 2012

My Handsome Son Garrett Jr. Who Is Now In Heaven

Hi my name is Nikoleta Mihail..

June 21,2012 I found out that i was expecting a little boundle of joy, who i was very excited to meet. September 17, 2012 was the day i was suppose to find out what i was having. On September 14, 2012 while i was at work that night i felt some pains in my stomach as if they were gas pains, and i thought maybe it was something that i ate. But as the night was coming to an end i went home and tried to get some sleep. I woke up September 15, 2012 at 3:30am to use the bathroom when i saw blood in my shorts so my mom rushed me to the hospital. The ER sends me into a room as they did an ultrasound the baby did a flip and then we saw the heart beating. So at that time i thought everythihg was going to be ok. Then the doctor comes into examine me and said he was afraid that he saw a little bit of membrane and that he was not going to do anything else to me besides send me to labor and delivery where i could get checked out by an OBGYN. The OB comes in and examines me and told me that they saw exactly what the ER doctor saw and that  i have dilated when i was not suppose to be, because i was only 4 1/2 months pregnant.They told me that there may be nothing they can do to help save the baby. The OB and the rest of the staff had a meeting together to see of a plan that they could do to help save the baby. They come back into the room to tell me that there is an option where they could give me an amniocentesis shot into the sack through my stomach to make sure there was no infection in my cervix, and then push the sack back in and stitch my cervix shut. At that moment i was relieved once again. After they sent me to a delivery room where i waited for hours until it was time for them to give me my shot. Around 7:30 - 8pm they took me back to the ultrasound room where the doctor and another OB sat. Before they could give me the shot they had to find my cervix and at that time there was no point in them giving me any shot because the OB saw my cervix and the buldge of where the bag was sticking out of my cervix and my cervix was then too thin to stitch close. As they were still doing the ultrasound and telling me this news all i could do was cry my eyes out and watch my baby move his feet around. It felt like i saw my life flash before my eyes. The doctor took me back to my room to break the news to my mom and my friends who were there with me at the time. As 9pm came around they were giving me a dose of pills to take to help induce my labor. At 11:43pm September 15, 2012 i delivered my bundle of joy, which turned out to be exactly what me and Garrett was hoping for A LITTLE BOY!!! After the delivery they cleaned him up and brought him in the room for me to spend time with him, and then they got him dressed and took a few pictures to give to me to take home inside of a memory box along with the clothes that they put on him. When i saw my precious sons face all i could do was smile although i wanted to cry i believe he didnt let me. Garrett and I did not have a name picked out at the time this all happened but we both decided that we want him to be named Garrett Jude Borne Jr. That day was an experience that i will never forget!!Since the time they took him out my arms i have missed him, i wish i could rewind time so i could be back at the hospital holding him again. NOBODY will ever be able to take this pain i feel away from me!!But as i end this story i want to thank my family and friends for being there for me and supporting me through this tough time!!

    Mommy & Daddy Love You Garrett Borne Jr. Always & For Ever!!

    R.I.P Our Little Man Gone But Never Forgotten!!!


***Baby Boy You Are My Guardian Angle***


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