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Tina Soliz
Michael Brent Soliz
August 17 1995 - October 13 2009

Michael, you will never be forgotten. You will be forever in our hearts.

This website is in loving memory of my son, Michael Brent Soliz. Michael was born on August 17,1995 and passed away on October 13,2009 from a tragic illness, which I can not talk about. This is a part of our lives which will be forever locked in a safe place.

Is is my intention to share his life and also the journey through grief following his death. If Michael's story touches even one other person in a positive way the world would be a happier place..and I share my journey openly and honestly as well, in hopes of helping other mother's and loved ones just as others helped me. We all need a little help from time to time in life... Please sign Michael's guestbook.


Michael loved to hunt for deer.

I remember kissing your face...tears streaming down my face...I touch you...I hold you...and I remember every second of your short life...from the moment I found out I was pregnant...the first time you moved inside of me...the day I gave birth to you...I promised to protect you...so little...so precious...my firstborn son...I held you safely in my arms...flashes of all your firsts flood my mind...every memory...every second of your life played like a movie in my mind...I touch your hand...I stare with a tear stained face...I kiss you on your cheek...I trace your lips with my fingers...tears never end. A mother's worst nightmare...all the pain and despair...I say goodbye...and so in the dead of night I call your name...see your picture in the frame...and I send my love to you in Heaven...I know you are happy...and you will live in my heart...and in the dark of night...I call your name...Michael Brent Soliz...I love you...I miss you...


Michael and Biscuit

Michael died at the young age of 14. Michael was sweet, kind-hearted, handsome and loved by everyone. Michael loved his family and his friends. Michael loved to spend time with his dad(Joe Paul) hunting for deer or shooting wild hogs, fishing and just about anything a young man does with his father. Michael loved to shoot his pistol and loved to shoot at those black birds with his pellet gun while enjoying the day sitting on the deck. Michael also enjoyed swimming with his little sister(Taylor)and also enjoyed his two dogs(Biscuit and Sadie). Michael enjoyed shooting his Hoyt compound bow in the backyard with his dad. Michael enjoyed spending time with his mother and sister and his Popo and Momo(Ben & Lucy Mendoza)and his aunt Lydia, cousin Andrea and Bubba.. Michael enjoyed texting his friends,listening to music,reading, playing football, baseball,tennis and throwing the shot put and discus during track and enjoyed participating in UIL and taking care of this gerbil named Big. Michael was going to have a brite and shinning future...going to college and being successful. Michael had the ambition to succeed and to have lots of money. Michael was always thinking of ways to make money and to make things work better. Michael was a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Rotan, Texas. Michael is truly a child of God.Michael is now in Heaven with our Savior Jesus Christ.


Michael on his 14th birthday.

His Journey's Just Begun By:Ellen Brenneman Don't think of him as gone away-- his journey's just begun life holds so many facets this earth is only one. Just think of him as resting from the sorrows and the tears in a place of warmth and comfort where there are no days and years. Think how he must be wishing that we could know today how nothing but our sadness can really pass away. And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched... for nothing loved is ever lost-- and he was loved so much.


Michael and Chester (Cousin Andrea's dog)

As long as I live You will live... As long as I live You will be Remembered... As long as I live You will be Loved. I love you...


Michael in the deer stand in our back yard.

A person who loses a partner is called a widow. A child who loses a parent is called an orphan. But there is no word to describe a parent that loses a child, because the loss is like no other.


Our sweet angel.

I miss your voice and your smile.. and the way your heart was bigger than you sometimes...and your eyes...your hugs...your essence..YOU...


Michael's deer.

To have, to love, and then to part Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.


 I love you Michael, Your dad, Taylor  and I miss you sooooo much!


Our beautiful son:)

 I look up to the Heaven's more now than ever before. Now I see the beauty in the clouds, the moon, the sun rises the sun sets, the stars, falling stars, the constellations just everything as a whole. I think about how you might be looking down at me at the same time. I can't wait to see you again, to feel your embrace.

I miss you soooooo much!!!!

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