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Steve Tamburo

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Steve Tamburo
Steve Tamburo

Welcome to my story .....a story that began on March 14, ....my time flies! (turn up your speakers and read on) The setting was a sunny ( for me) March day in Baltimore Maryland - thanks to my great parents - my Mom, Josephine Tamburo and my Dad, Samuel Tamburo. What a story they tell....it took 3 days in the hospital till I made my debute! Almost 3 years later I was blessed with a great Sister , Joanne - who has remained a lifetime friend that I can always count on. Gosh Sis - we were so fortunate in so many ways.

What a great life I have been blessed with! I am so fortunate to have had the family, relatives and friends that I have, and my quest to get out in the world and do things. A lot of enjoyable things....photography - one of my lifetime enjoyments. Started taking photgraphes at Grandpop's home of my family, worked for 12 years as a part time photographer while working for the Corps of Engineers managing a Computer Center. Did I mention biking. To this day I still enjoy cycling -- and hope to continue till the day I die.

There is so much more to tell that I will have to do this piecemeal and hope that you find this of interest. I will touch on my relationships, some of my favorite trips/places ( I can tell you now -it's Switzerland), some of my challenges and dissapointments in life. Check out some of the photographs throughout. This is my official Real Estate look! My real estate web site: www.Sac-Valley-Homes.com I also have a page mentioning all of the great family & friends who I fondly remember. Check it out...hope I did not leave anyone out!(Still compiling the list)

If there is one thing I most remember in life is that we are as significant as we make ourselves to be! Life is hard work and when we are blessed with good health the work is more managable. I have spent my lifetime trying to live it as healthy as possible. Have been called a health nut - pity the tired ladies in my life! So be it....I must say I always enjoyed the physical challenges the most - whether it be a great walk, learing how to snow and water ski, mountain climbing/exploring, sailing, soaring, running track, pushing myself in college as a member of the weight lifting team, peddling my butt off on one of the great bicycles I have owned and enjoyed in Maryland, North Carolina and California. I tried to excell for what God has given me and lets say althought I was never tops in all that I engaged in, I always relished the high it brought to me. Kind of like feeling spiritual to some degree. The sun in my face and the exhilarating feeling I received as my body responded to my wishes. What a great feeling.... I sure hope others can relate to this and have also been blessed with this aspect of the gift of life.

As I write this I wonder what will follow. I find it difficult to imagine not being able to continue living as I have known this life to be but in such a short time this will all change and someday cease. I believe my writing this and creating this web site will ease my thoughts of growing older and perhaps be somewhat insightful to those who read these words and reflect on their lives. Taking the time to reflect and apprecaite is so important. It's been said that life is a gift. It can be taken for granted as I have have done, especially in my earlier years.

So I now celebrate what I have and whatever more will be. Hopefully all those great family and friends that I came in contact with will at least say that Steve was a pretty upbeat guy and added value to my life. I would like to be remembered for that. Sure hope that I did add value in spite of the hard times I gave to the ladies in my life. I was far from perfect! --- but I did try. You are welcome to sign my guest book if you would like....Check out all 8 pages!




Here is an early photograph of me at 4-5 years of age. Rather snappy dresser, I might say. This was my Sundays best...Mom had good taste.



Here I am at 19...wow...wish I had half the hair now as then. Note the 1957 Chevy over my left shoulder. Pop bought this used for $ 300 for me to use while going to the University of Maryland and then Joanne got to enjoy the car after I graduated in 1962.

Did I tell you I loved to lift? Here are some of me getting warmed up!
Look out Arnould !


A rarely seen photo....taken in my dorm - Cecil Hall at the University of Maryland to prove that I did work hard in college!


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