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October 10 2007 - March 22 2014

Adrian & Adrian Ellis, Jr


            "Casanova & Age(Killa)"


May you forever R.I.P....We love   you ALWAYS..

   1/7/1972-9/10/2007 & 1/20/1989-3/22/2014


Most definately gone to soon..But you are and forever will be missed and truly loved..ALWAYS



I walk back & foward in & out the viewing cus age kept saying come here AD come here he was always aggy I said dang age you look good ! Just ride bra just ride




Money baby money baby money baby !




Come back Bra so u can take this pain away ! Love you ! Adrian Ellis Jr




I miss my brother so much man , i just wanna cry all day ! RiH BRA Love youAdrian Ellis Jr.



As we get stuff ready for Age & Britt baby shower it feel like we preparing forAdrian Ellis Jr. funeral all over again ! I miss my brother so much man


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