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Memorial created 04-30-2013 by
Faith Hammel
Lawrence Andrew Hammel
September 13 1942 - May 1 2013

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Lawrence Hammel, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Lawrence's guest book and let me know you came to visit. I will remember and love Lawrence forever.  He is my Larry.

Lawrence was born in 1942 in New Martinsburg, West Virgina; spent his childhood scavenging from the town dump, making rocket ships and the diving bell that didn't really prevent water from flooding in. He spent an entire summer in an orange hat that had ear flaps. Even though I was not there, I can imagine him riding down a hill on his bike, flying low with those orange wings flying out behind him. And of course, since his hair was carrot orange, it must have been a Norman Rockwell painting worthy of the Saturday Evening Post.

He grew up and went to Magnolia High call of 1960 after a horrid time in school. He worked on a variety of cars through high school and talks about "Dragon Lady" a 48 Fraizer. I wish I had a picture of that. He went to University of West Virgina where he spent time in speech therapy so he would not talk like he was from West Virgina and eventually went to University of Wisconsin in Madison and Platteville to earn his Master's in Education. He met on of his friends for life Frank Rodgers and married Lana Hammel. He talked about never regretting not continuing with his doctorate as he would have never come to the Pacific NW and meet me. He taught school, sold beauty supplies, tried a stint in the Army in 1974 where they broke his ankle in hand to hand combat in a wet sawdust pit and cut short his military career.  He talks about the Drill Sargent call him "Grandpa" because he was definitely not the typical teen recruit going to VietNam.


He decided to come to the Pacific NW and Lana decided to stay in Omaha,NE. He paid cat support for many years which shows what a caring man he was. I am glad that Lana and I have met and still communicate. He remarried a few years later to Laurel and was very sad to lose her a year before we met.  His cats, Nissa and Quizz, kept him company while he grieved Laurel's death. Quizz died shortly before we met and I think it was that lonliness that brought us together.

In June of 2004, I put a personal ad on Prodigy about needing a Kinght in Shining Armour to kill a few dragons and he was one of the 350 responses saying he was more of Sir Lunch-A-Lot. He had my heart at that point. We chatted on the phone, met for coffee at Northgate Mall, ended up having dinner at Red Robin and he worked very hard to fine one subject that I did not know something about. It was BLEVEY. I did not get home until midnight and he stayed in daily contact.  Larry proposed to me on the ferry Hyak on 8/08 at 8:08 pm during the most beautiful sunset over the water. I was flabergasted. I was concerned that since he had never had children or wanted to parent, did he know what he was getting into marrying a woman with 4 children, 2 in the Army and 2 preteens still at home. He had not met Becka or Matt at that point so I invited him to come and stay the weekend and we met him at the Seattle Center and took us to the top of the Space Needle (where I had never been) and again we saw a beautiful sunset where I told him that I loved him for the first time.

I knew I was hooked when he moved Nissa in and he was going to work from his apartment every week and come on the weekend. That happened only one weekend. He moved in shortly as I wanted him to have the full pleasure of living with teens that were real teens. We survived teens, graduations, grandbabies and children moving home. He never once complained.

As all 4 of the granddaughters were born, he support my going to the births, even when I missed his birthday to be in Hawaii for one birth and he has been a fantastic grampie to all of them and a great step-parent to my children and sons-in-laws. He is loved.


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