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Joseph Howell
Austen Matthew Howell
October 5 1994 - May 4 2013

Our little man

Forever he will be remembered as our "little man", our adventure boy. Austen excelled in anything he set out to do. Whether it was skateboarding, photography, filming, school, or being an athlete, he always set out to be the best. Austen had an old soul and was a pure romantic. This could be seen in his relationship with his girlfriend Jessica. One of Austens favorite times was eating pancakes with her at a Denny's while in California. Austen enjoyed surrounding himself with positive energy which could be seen in his choices of music.He would constantly find humorous videos online for his family to enjoy. It made him feel good when others could laugh with him.  He surrounded himself with positive friends that he cared about deeply. No matter what point he was at, in his life, he never forgot his friends and never stopped worrying about them. Austen's heart was indeed big for many people. He loved his little sister very much and made sure she knew it. He would constantly remind me how she would never be allowed to date because he didn't want her to get hurt. He didn't want to get all "hulk like" on someone, either. 

Austen was years beyond his age in intellect. It was fun getting in a discussions with him and knowing full well we would probably lose. Picking a topic was like spinning at the wheel of fortune, you had no idea what the topic would be or what pop quiz he would have in store for you. I blame the Internet as being his lighter weight encyclopedia britannica which he often referenced for facts. I preferred arguing whether Bigfoot was real or not. Once again he proved me wrong. 



 Austen had dreams of pursuing a career in the medical field. He had been looking into colleges in California where he could be close to his girlfriend Jess. He spoke of her with respect and love. He always put her on a pedestal, our family knew she was special, and would accept her with open arms. 


Spielberg was worried

Austen easily mastered photography and film. He would spend hours a day with friends skating and setting up for just the right shots. His angles would have impressed Spielberg. He would then come home and edit every photo till he believed it was perfect. His photos are breathtaking. 

One evening he and I decided to venture out into a storm to get some "storm" shots. It's really difficult to take photos of wind at night so we decided to climb a mountain, yes a mountain! With pounds and pounds of camera gear we climbed as high as we could go and were able to see all of Phoenix. It was cold and rainy but Austen never complained . We wrapped a trash bag around both our cameras to protect them and began setting up for our night shoot. We were aiming to capture a lighting pic, something that even experienced photographers may find hard to do. Within minutes Austen said" got one". I still kept taking pics.....nothing. Then another"got one". It was like going fishing with a professional bass fisherman. For every blank shot I took he caputured ten lightning shots. We have included a photo that is on his Flickr page from that night. No editing on this one, just his magical touch behind the camera. 


Austen's pic while in D.C
Loved his dog Roxy, licking new endure tattoo

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Our family has enjoyed the wonderful entertaining stories and moments you have spent with our son.  Your thoughts and prayers have brought comfort to our family, for that we thank you.


  • Viewing will be held at Heritage Funeral Chapel at 6830 W. Thunderbird Rd.Peoria,AZ 85381 6-8pm Wednesday May, 8th.
  • Celebration of life for Austen will be held, Sat. May 11th,3-5pm at Pointe Tapatio Cliffs Resort. Come share moments with family celebrating his life and accomplishments. Resort desks will provide room information upon arrival.
Dad captures Austen...
Photo by Austen...last photo in the Deer Valley High school Yearbook Circa 2009
Photo shoot adventure...dad and Aust
A photograph that required much patience from Austen
Austen's photography was perfection...

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