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For our great friend in memory of her grandson, Allen n Julie

Memorial created 06-20-2013 by
A friend
Aydin Mason Toler
November 13 2009 - October 16 2012

Always with a smile

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Aydin Toler, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Aydin's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Aydin forever.

Aydin it is true that you were taken from this world to soon. But it seems like some people are forgetting what is most inportant about losing you. And that is remembering you. I have noticed that your fathers family is making it their goal in life to smear your mother. Your mother has said nothing she just keeps quite. But everyone just needs to stop and realize that none of this will bring your back. 

You are gone Aydin, nothing can change that. Attacking anyone will not help make sure what happened to you gets justice. No one knows for sure what happend that day. I personally do not think anyone ever will. The point is the world lost a treasue that day. At the hands of a man that is in jail for his actions. 



The day your mother brought you home she cried over you

You left behind a lot of hurt and greif. I know your mother I even know your father and your god parents. I know they all miss you Aydin. I know they both think of you everyday, and they all go to the cemetery to see you when they can. I know both sides of the family are devastated by the loss of you. Your parents, brothers, and grand-parents. I have seen the memorial page you already have, and I dont like that it does not mention your mothers family at all. Nor does it mention your god family, that is not right. Three family's lost you that day. 



Always with bryson

It is sad you have a brother you lived with and spent so much time with but will not remember you. Nor will your other two brothers. Aydin I saw you with Bryson and you were a good brother. 



You two made a good team

You also had a god family Aydin I know that Savanna Adam and your best friend and god sister Jaidyin will miss you. They loved you all so much. Jaidyn still talks about you every day. Shes tells people you live with Jesus, how right she is.


Those bright blue eyes are missed

 All I have to say is that you will be missed Aydin Mason Toler by your family, by your friends, by the world. I hope people see that attacking different people because they are angry is not going to bring you back. If they do not let go of that anger then they will not be able to see you again in heaven. I knew you well enough to know you loved every one in your life Aydin. You knew not of the hate that they are spreading in your name. You knew only love for your whole family. 

Untill we meet again Aydin, you keep playing in the garden of god. You are always missed by someone and always thought of. May god be with all of you who have forgotten the true meaning of lossing a loved one. 


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