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Memorial created 07-26-2013 by
Nathan Evan Peterson
May 2 1988 - July 15 2013

Nathan's Memorial Service will be:
Sunday, July 28 at 3pm
at Highlands Community Church
3031 NE 10th  
Renton, WA  98056
This memorial website was created to celebrate the life and preserve our recollections of Nathan Evan Peterson. Please join us in keeping Nathan's memory alive by sharing your favorite stories and memorable moments from the life of Nathan.  The sharing of your memories will be a fitting tribute, as well as a gift to all who knew and loved Nathan.  Also, please view Nate Peterson Memorial Page on Facebook and post photos and memories there.
        Nathan was born on May 2, 1988 and left us on July 15, 2013 at the age of 25.  Nathan will be greatly missed but always alive in our hearts.
Nathan's name means “gift of God”.  Throughout his life, he lived his namesake by being that gift to family and friends.  
In toddlerhood, Nathan began his lifelong passion for flannel.  A sweet friend gave him a flannel patchwork quilt and that became his blanket that he adored.  Over the years, he would continue to wrap himself in flannel blankets or his Moldovan cheetah fleece.  We would leave his favorite flannel blankets out always for when he would come by.  It became such a tradition that we all ended up wrapping ourselves in flannel.  Many a time, we would each grab a flannel blanket and head out to the porch swing in the cold.  
As a young child, he laughed often and heartily—that funny little Nathan laugh we all remember began from the cradle.  He was content and happy to follow in his older brothers’ footsteps as soon as he could walk.  Aaron, his oldest brother would take him along with friends.  He especially loved the comeraderie of the guys on the baseball and basketball teams.  They would shoot hoops together and even include him in batting/pitching practice.  What a thrill that was for this precious gift to our family.
Marlin, our second son, had a doting little companion in many of his adventures.  He was so excited to be with Marlin he learned to ride a bike very early.  At an even earlier age,  Marlin would sit atop his skateboard with Nate perched on his lap as they sailed down the street.  He was laughing with glee just to be with his beloved brother.  He even went on dates with his big brothers—he was a joy to be around.
When Baby Lauren came into our lives, Nathan was 3.  They instantly became inseparable as he would dote on her from the day she was born.  He was so tender with her and over the years that tenderness and love never waned.
Preschool found Nathan beginning his love affair with animals and crafts.  He would proudly bring home his creations and stories of the little creatures he got to pet or see.  He would sing the little songs he learned freely and often.  Thus began his love of music.
Grade school was filled with sports and learning.  He was an avid speller and even went to a spelling competition.  He played several forms of sports, and seemed to gravitate particularly to the water.  He was a natural and adept swimmer which would later make him an outstanding water polo competitor as well as swim team champion.  
He had an obsession with yo-yos; walking the dog, rocking the cradle, around the world and on and on.
        Summers at Blue Lake with friends were a highlight throughout his life.  He never missed a chance to come if at all possible.  He won more than once in the annual Cribbage Tournament.   He LOVED the water activities—wake-boarding, fishing, cliff-jumping, going up to the cave and so much more.  Charlie and he would organize the golf outings for the guys.  He was a master at Boggle as well and came up with rare, amazing words whenever he played.
  At 13, Nathan and his mom went on a mission trip to deliver Christmas gifts to the children of Moldova.  He bonded with the children everywhere he traveled—his journal recounts this journey in detail.  When he was about 17, he went to Young Life camp at Wildhorse Canyon in OR.  This was perhaps one of the most profoundly enjoyable experiences of his high school life.
  Nathan was also a passionate snowboarder who rode many ski areas throughout WA state with Marlin. 
  Nathan had a natural ability to golf.  From a young age, he had his own clubs and would golf with Charlie regularly.  He would ask his dad to play often and they shared many memorable times together as they played.  He participated in Fairwood Golf Camp.  He competed in the Washington Junior Golf Assn. for several years.  He also played on the golf teams for Seattle Christian and Kentridge High Schools.  His dream was to become a golf course professional.
  In addition to golfing, his passions in his adult years also included ping pong,  cards, Frisbee and Disc golf.  When he played ping pong upstairs, the whoops and laughs would reverberate throughout the house.    He was also excited about learning.  At Green River CC, he would tell us about his classes and want to discuss them.  He loved watching movies and especially documentaries.  
         Perhaps his most profound passion throughout his life was his devotion to family and friends.   He was affectionate and caring.  When he came home, he would greet each one with a Nathan kiss and a Nathan hug.  When it was time to go, he would repeat with the same departing love.  Oftentimes, he would return through the front door and say, “Oh, I need one more kiss”.  He was such a warm, loving individual—his spirit radiated joy.
         There aren’t words to give you the complete picture of Nathan—and there never could be.  He was and continues to be a gift from God.  His legacy lives on in the hearts of those who love him.   His heart was big.  He was a faithful friend to those closest to him.  He was a great listener and counselor to those in need; many would come to him with their burdens and leave with a lighter heart.  He encouraged so many to push on despite their troubles.  
         Our gift from God is still unfolding.  As we sit in our “Nathan Swing” on the front porch, we recall how he would spend hours with us gently swinging, smoking  and talking about life.  Together we would watch the sun set, or the rain and feel the gentle breeze as life passed by in our cul de sac.   The gift lives on.

 To Nathan

You were brother, cousin & grandson, Godson, cousin, nephew, son…..
You were so many things to so many folks; we’d sometimes even laugh at your jokes!
You charmed us all with your impish ways; the years with you were the golden days;
As we find out now that you’ve gone away, we wish we had just one more day
To sit with you and talk of life, to be with you as day turns night,
To hold you close & hug you tight, to say we love you one more time,
And try once more to make things right…..
We miss your laughter… miss your smile; we miss your gentle ways;
We miss the way you played with us on the beach & in the waves.
Your golfing was amazing – you’d crush the ball and grin,
And make your dad so proud of you – and usually you’d win…
And the other game you’d mastered is that game they call Ping-Pong;
I never beat you even once! Your game was quick and strong.
Frisbee was a skill you had -- disc golf not far behind,
And in the game of Boggle… not a better man you’d find.
Playing “pie” & boogie-boarding & laying in the sand…
Our times down at the ocean cabin were nothing short of grand…
Then all this ended much too soon – it’s so hard to believe…
We ask “why you?”... and “why just now?”; “Why did you have to leave”?
The God of all looked down and said, “Your time on earth is through”:
I need to have you here with me; I have a place for you”.
Yes, the perfect God of love had surely planned out His design;
We know not why, we know not how, but we trust in the Divine.
Our questions burn unanswered, then they’re washed away with tears; 
And we’re left to pray for peace and hope, and not give way to fear.
And if we listen carefully and tune our hearts just right
We can surely sense your presence here on this day and this night.
The road you’ve traveled now will keep you gone for just a while
‘Til each of us, in turn, is called to walk that last, long mile.
And so, until we meet one day, we’ll say goodbye, with tears,
And cherish what you mean to us – your memory hold dear.
Our paths diverge for now, dear Nate, but in the end we’ll find –
All souls will come together, forever and all time!
In Memoriam for Nathan, with love… from your uncle and Godfather, Dave – July 28, 2013

Nate's last frisbee throw

If you would like to make a rememberance gift in Nathan's memory the family suggests the following:

Kent.younglife.org - 253-245-6805 - Spent the best week of his life at Young Life Camp

Olalla Recovery Centers - 800-882-6201  -  Spent time in recovery here.                        Mary Kilgore  -     Olalla.org

Celebrate Recovery - 425-255-4751  -  crhighlandscommunitychurch.org                               Meets every Friday at 6:15 to 9:00 PM in the fellowship hall at Highlands Community Church, 3031 NE 10th Street, Renton, WA   98056

The purpose of the Celebrate Recovery ministry is to fellowship together and celebrate God's healing power in our lives through the eight recovery principles. By working and applying these Biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually. We are freed from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. 




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