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Memorial created 05-30-2001 by
Julie Johnson
Circe Faye Wall
January 22 1974 - February 20 1989

Circe was everybodys sweetheart. She was turning into a beautifull woman. She was very kind to people and especially those that most saw as the underdog. She was just starting to find her place in life when one night out of the blue we got the news that our first neice and grandchild was taken from us. I will never forget that night, and the disbeleif i felt coursing through my vains. I new that I had a very long and unthinkable night ahead. I also new that i had meny brothers and sisters as well as my loveing parents that were going to help all of us get through this and hold my oldest sister up. My first order of business was to go to my parents house and actually here them confirm that what my younger sister had said was true and that it was real and not a dream. I also needed to take every bit of courage in my 32 year old sole and be strong for my sister who was in a state of disbeleaf. I could not emagine what I was going to see in her face or that of my other siblings that were so close to circe. Well needless to say we never got over it but we did get through it. We talk about circe openly and that helps us to keep her in our hearts. Not that we would ever forget her, its just that we want to make sure that she lives in us all. We would all like to thank circes mom and dad for giving her to us. We were all so young and she was the first child born from one of our siblings. All our children are precious to us, but there is something special about the first one.Circe was everybodys first. Circe........we will never forget you and we will see you someday. Love, Aunt Julie, Dixie,Angel,Gayle,Liz, and Uncle Danny, Frank. Love Your brothers Juimmy and Michael Wall, and the many nieces and nephews.

A Pecious Pearl by:Cecil Newton February 23, 1989 There' times we just don't understand, The whats, the whys, at all, And question why the taking,

of our precious Circe Wall.. But God giveth and he taketh, The word of God proclaims, and we must accept this, tho it may bring us pain...

But stop and think of all the treasures, given in one girl The beauty, grace and talent Like a mighty flag unfurled...

Who knows how many lives she's touched, With hope while in this world, A feat that's so rewarding, Given by this prcious pearl...

Remember if in this life we endeaver To show forth true faith, hope and charity, ( Which is love) It can't help but to return to us, both in this life and the life to come.

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Circe was killed late one night in a car accedent. She was only 15 years old and just starting to bloom. She was riding in the car of her boyfreind after her mother forbid her to go with him. Her mother went to work and Circe went against her mothers wishes. The car she was in swerved to miss an oncomeing pickup truck and procedded to overturn 8 times throwing Circe from the car. She went to heaven that night.


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