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Memorial created 08-4-2013 by
Karen Tam
Matthew Kai-Wing Marr
May 18 2011 - January 19 2013

Matthew 17 months old

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Matthew Marr, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Matthew's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Matthew forever.

     Matthew was a sweet, gentle toddler who was affectionate and loving to his family, especially his older brother, Daniel. Every morning waking up after being picked up from his crib, he would demand to be put down immediately and would walk his way down the hallway into Daniel's room. He would climb into bed with him and try to wake him up by touching his ears and face, giggling all the time. Matthew loved to be cuddled and always liked to be held and tickled by others. He had the most funniest laugh; at one time when he was younger,  it sounded like a cross between a donkey's "hee-haw" and hyperventilation.

    He loved to go outside to walk and push the toy lawnmower on the sidewalk. He was such a good eater and willing to try new foods with little hesitation. Although he was usually an easy-going child, he had a mighty "cry" that could upset other children and in turn, make them cry. Thus, at the beginning, the staff in the Sunday school nursery would always need to carry him to prevent him from causing a chain-reaction cry from all the children.



Matthew 18 months old

    We will never know the reason why Matthew left us so early. He was healthy right up to the day before he passed away and the doctors were unable to identify the cause of his death. As painful as it was to lose Matthew after 20 months, we will never know what his life would have been like if he was still here. Would he have suffered even more? Perhaps God was sparing us from a greater hurt. We just need to continue to trust Him and know that Matthew is now in a place where he will never need to experience sadness, suffering, and pain. It  is the perfect place of eternal joy where we will reunite with him someday...


Matthew and Daniel on Christmas 2012

    Matthew loved his big brother Daniel so much. Daniel has autism spectrum disorder and lacks the social skills compared to his typical peers so he often ignored Matthew. However, this never prevented Matthew from trying to get close to his big brother. He would always go over to hand him a toy truck or car and then sit next to him to play side-by-side. He would offer spontaneous hugs and was so happy when Daniel gave him attention. Even when playing Ipad, he would often let Daniel play with it before his own turn was over. (We had to use an egg timer to ensure the two boys took turns of 5 minutes each) There were rare, precious moments when Daniel would actually initiate an interaction with his younger brother (such as playing peek-a-boo with him behind the sofa) and these were really treasured memories for us.


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