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Lauryn Santiago
January 26 1998 - February 16 2013

Early childhood with Lauryn

Lauryn left us, the same way she came to us. 

For 9 years, Loryel wished and prayed for a sister and after rubbing on a Buddha's belly, her dream came true. I found out I was pregant when I was almost 4 months along. During a very difficult time, as I struggled to work and balance taking care of Loryel and I, my pregnancy was the calm in my stressful life. 

On January 26, 1998 Lauryn was eager to be with us. My labor went so quickly that I was asked to stop breathing as my baby wanted to make her debut without the doctor. The doctor finally arrived and it was at that time that God blessed us with a beautiful and healthy baby girl and we named her Lauryn.  

It was quickly that I learned there was an immense bond between Loryel, Lauryn and I. At a very early age Lauryn would cry with such intensity when she was near others, even her own father. Our love created an uncondtional bond that will last eternally and beyond the universe. That is when Loryel and Lauryn became known as LoLa, a combined nick name for both my daughters. 

By the time Lauryn was 3 years old life began to change and we quietly suffered as a result of her father being abusive and it finally came out that he was also addicted to Heroin. Despite negative actions and threats against us, I did not want my daughter to live wthout her father. I did everything I could, even after his threats of death, to provide supervised visits with Lauryn. I will now skip a lot of the detail on Lauryn's biological father, as he finally chose not to seek help in order be a part his daughter's life. 

It is at that time that Loryel and I decided to whatever we needed to do, to keep Lauryn happy and be there for her. We developed traditions and often taking trips to the beach and having fun. I went no where without my girls and they went a lot of places, together. You could not ask for a greater love as we have with Lauryn. 

I am so proud to be the MOTHER of two beautiful, loving and caring daughters and the GRANDMOTHER to an equally beautiful, loving and caring granddaughter. 




Loryel and Lauryn (LoLa)

Loryel always wanted a baby sister and when this wish was finally granted, Loryel took the title of being a Sister, seriously. 

From the time Lauryn was 6 weeks old, she began suffering from nose bleeds. After multiple visits, Lauryn was diagnosed with Sinus infections. By the time Lauryn was three years old the nose bleeds became severe as well as consistent infections. Finally, a new graduate from Medical school noticed Lauryn's records and explained to me that Lauryn suffered greatly from allergies. As Lauryn was too young to be tested, I was given the cocktail of Zyrtec and Cold medicine in order to control the constant Sinus Infections, and IT WORKED!

LoLa went everywhere together and my girls were unseparable. Lauryn would not spend the night anywhere unless her Sissy was with her. Lauryn was extremely shy so Loryel helped her sissy alot by following her to her day care and keeping her happy until it was time to catch her bus for school. As Lauryn grew and her sissy became an adult, they went more places together and spent so much time having fun and loving each other. When Lauryn found out she would be an aunt, Lauryn became thrilled. It was then that Lihana would enter our lives and to our surprise, Lihana is a lot like her Titi Lauryn. 

The bond between LoLa grew with more love and more understanding as time went on. They shared so many secrets and a bond that has left Loryel shattered, without her sister. As each day goes by, Loryel misses her sissy terribly but at times looks at Lihana and realizes, a lot of Lauryn's personality, lives through Lihana. 



Time now stands still for Loryel and I, without Lauryn, but we live with all the love, dreams, hope and faith that we will see our Lauryn again. 

LoLa has always been a treasure to me and gift from God. I know that my role as a mother is to love, nurture and support my children. This is a role that I have never taken lightly and my children have always come first. 

As Lauryn grew, she became such a beautiful and loving soul. Lauryn became a fighter against killing the environment and against cruelty to animals. I have always believed that Lauryn was an old soul and was living life beyond her young years. 

What I am most proud of is the love and the bond that my girls have. LoLa has never allowed anyone or anything to ever disrupt their love and relationship. Yes, they were 10 years apart but lived life as if they were born as twins. It made me so proud to know that the secrets that LoLa shared, were absolutely kept, until Lauryn passed away. That is when I learned that maybe some secrets should have been shared, as this provided great insight to why Lauryn was so over protective of me (her mother). 








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