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Memorial created 04-14-2014 by
Karen Shaw
Richard Richardson
March 2 1945 - February 12 2014

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tu me manque

you are missing from me




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Fancy Music Santa Barbara St.


I remember many conversations with you over the years. You had a picture of your father next to his plane. You were so proud of him. You did know him. He was NOT shot down by the Germans but died of heart failure.You had a dog as a boy in England, a collie, Lassie, who bit somone hired to  wash the windows. You lived in IV when you got out of the army. Had a dog there, Sulka, a greatdane/lab mix. A golden retreiver came to your door at 222 Hot Springs Rd. with peaches and apricots from trees on your property. So that's what you called her. And you had George, a grey cat. You ruptured your spleen water skiing, after returning from US army in Germany. You had a huge scar on your abdomen. You drove commanders around in Germany. You would show up at my door in all kinds of cars, Pugeot, Datsun, Mini Coopers, to name a few. You liked to drive through Hope Ranch. We watched Formula One races, then I painted a series of cars for you. Schumacher and Montoya, Mikka's portrait.  Fancy Music opened at 532 State St. On the left wall inside was a rack of clothing, and shelves above. You had jackets and coats from London, folded piles of english t-shirts. All types of clothing from Granny Takes a Trip, and Sgt. Pepper type styles. You had a mannequin in the front window in satin pants, one of these jackets and a blond wig. There were amps in the other window. You wore heeled boots, jeans, and your black hair was cut in a long shag. People used to come from LA just to cut your hair...You  moved to 744 State St,, at DelaGuerra St., a much bigger store. Your final location was on Santa Barbara St., just above Cota. You rented out some of your equipment. I  fondly remember your white Honda Civic wagon parked in front.


Montoya- Karen Shaw-for Richard

I think your life stories began changing along with your drinking, but since I knew you so long, I remember it differently than your obituary. Sad your mom, Barbara couldn't contribute to the facts about your birthplace and your father.I wish to put this out with things I knew about you, so there is SOMETHING about you and FANCY MUSIC for everyone to know. BUT there was so much I was never to know. And you were at times,  a mystery.  One item at your Celebration of Life, was a letter on the momento table, "To Whom It May Concern". It gave you permission in 1972 to" investigate the incarceration of an American being held in a  Beruit Lebanon, prison." That began an interesting weekend,  remembering things you said about Beruit then. Shortly after that time, your lifestyle changed.   You bought Hot Springs Rd. and you had a cellar full of champagne and wine, cars, and partied all the time. I remember the first days of Fancy Music with the huge amps. I canverify what I uncovered.This original letter sent me on quite a search regarding those times.  I had a great, long,  laugh., as I uncovered some of the mystery about you.... Thank you, Richard.  I know that was you guiding my search... Thank you for allowing me to uncover the truth. It has been a trip.

We loved the music so much, we would make every trip in the car, a contest, listening to KTYD and guess who was singing. We were both pretty good...I remember your +10 file boxes of albums you put into storage. You used big amps at your house for speakers!!!   Ha, neither of us made it far with the electronic age, ipods and Mp3 players. We were classic 60's and 70's. That's all.    You and I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see the WHO.  John Entwhistle had just died in Vegas. You cried.     Afterwards we went backstage, and I met Zak Starkey, You had a picture of Ringo and Barbara on your mantle at 222. I was a Beatle fan from day one, knew everything about each one. I shook Zak's hand and told him he looked like his mother....      Santa Barbara should pay tribute to you, Richard!!! I hope this virtual memorial will do some of that.      Behind Blue Eyes was one you identified as your favorite song.    Did you  see yourself as  ..."the bad man"  or "the sad man"  ???

 All the backstage stories you had, and lived with all the music people in the 70's. I can only tell about you, as I knew you. Not as others will claim they did, with the entertaining, champagne, wine, and bars. I was not around that part of you. I was on the outside. I was the person you trusted and could feel safe with,  from all of that .  The last years before you got ill, were  the hardest ones. You had lost everything, yet still had to make those "appearances" at Enterprise ,whenever anyone called you. I hated to see you go...Inside you were in such pain. I knew that as I helped you close  Fancy Music.  You told me It was a nice thing to tell Zak Starkey, about looking like Maureen,his mother, as we drove back to SB. That meant you thought more about me than others would ever know. You did not openly express your feelings, so much of the English way.  I wanted you to write it ALL down...but you never did. I am sorry no one could hear your story, like I always did.  If the remaining family and friends could supply the facts, I would write it all down for the history of Santa Barbara.   Thank you, Richard. I would do it all again.

.As I am remembering, I will keep adding memories about you. Your legacy in Santa Barbara,  Must be told. All the stories in every bar in Santa Barbara will be changed and altered into something else. True and false. You deserve so much more, love.  SO MUCH MORE .. Thank God I knew you, and remember  you. You were always a part of me.


I pray for all who feel he owed them something more, forgive him. He cared for us, the only way he knew how. Send him peace and love. His soul  knows we all miss him.



I pray for you every night, I pray you are still reading your books, listening, experiencing your music, meeting and sharing stories with the most amazing people and learning more than you ever imagined was possible. 

I pray you are able to move on past some experiences that may be holding here.  I can only send you love from the deepest part of my heart, my soul. I thank you for supporting me through the last several months since your passing.  My grief and bad kidneys, combined,  has been a mixed nightmare, but you  comfort  me,  many times,  in  many  ways.   Whenever I need you., you are near. And I am so thankful for your presence, Richard.

Thank you for making the effort, I am hoping people get a sense of who you were, through all my writting. I have been truthful, loyal and loving, as always.

All I know about is that  special place, we both had in our hearts  for each other, it lasted for many, many years. That will never die, or be left behind when I pass, it will continue to  grow as an experience with you,  forever.


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