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Memorial created 06-14-2014 by
Angela Helena Theresa Masters
April 3 1966 - June 15 2013


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Angela Masters.

Angela was so many things - Gentle. Compassionate. Loving. Funny - hilarious actually. Intelligent. Quirky. Unique. and a super sensitive soul.

Angela also suffered severe Clinical Depression.  


Very few people knew that Angela suffered from depression.  Those that did know, only did so because Angela told them.  Even if she was sad, she very rarely showed it.  She did not lie in bed all day unable to cope or outwardly show any other outward signs that everyone commonally associate with depression.  

Instead,  She studied and achieved a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and a Master of Science in Strategic Foresight. She read voraciously about anything and everything - she loved to know why!  I was walking one day and came across a 3 or 4 meter long line of caterpillars merging like a zip all touching, I ran home and told Ang about it and she came back and we watched them for ages as more and more joined the line.  We went home and whilst I had been amazed at what we had watched didn't think anymore of it, Ang on the other hand was straight on the computer to find out more (There called processional caterpillars by the way) - that was Ang.  


Ang loved to laugh, she would often tell me that she was so funny, and that it was her job to make me laugh - not an easy feat by the way!  She loved to watch a show called "Mrs Browns Boys" and would often scream laughing when it was on.

Angela also loved "Spongebob Squarepants" and in many ways she reminded me of this little character.  So wide eyed and innocent, always so happy, looking on the bright side of things and wanting to be everybody's friend.

Angela also loved to travel.  Whether it was In her car driving on her own without a destination in mind, which she did when she first moved to Australia and didn't know anyone, or travelling internationally, which we were lucky enough to do twice,

Depression, I have learnt so much about it since Angela has passed.  I will never never understand why I did not try and find out more about it before Ang passed away, perhaps it was because Ang did not seem depressed that I didn't think I needed to.  Whilst medication helped her, I now know that the disease never leaves - it is always there lurking in the background.

In Angela's own words - she was "sick and tired of trying to outwit and outrun "The Black Dog" " and in the end the fight was too much and she took her own life.

I am truly amazed at what Angela was able to achieve given that she suffered this terrible disease. 



 I was so lucky and honoured to have had someone as special as Angela in my life.  I miss her so much every single day.  At least once a day I see something that reminds of the things that Ang loved and makes me think of her.  

I will hold each and every memory of my Angela in my heart and cherish them always.

Always my love.  Always.


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