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Memorial created 10-22-1997
Shannon Lee Silvis
March 1 1993 - November 1 1996


It has been eight months since a tragic fire claimed the lives of Shannon and his 2 year old sister Tierra, but not a day goes by that I don't think of these sweet little angels. I am only a cousin of the children, but I love them as much as my own, as I do all children. I am sorry I didn't get to spend more time with them before their untimely death. I will always remember the day my mother called to tell me that there was a fire, but your mommy couldn't get you out in time. I could hear your little voices crying out for someone to help you. Your mommy tried very hard to get you out. She was able to get your new baby brother out and went back for you. She searched desperately for both of you until she was overcome with smoke.

When the firemen arrived, they found you hiding. The fire was out shortly but not before it took both of you away due to smoke inhalation. To see both of you lying together in that casket still haunts me. You looked like you were both peacefully sleeping. I wanted to pick you up to read you a story or make you laugh, but sadly I could only lean over to kiss you goodbye on your tiny cheeks. I will never forget these two beautiful children, they will have special places in my heart. All I can do is forever wonder why you were taken so young or why any child is taken. I will get a chance to play with you again someday. Every day as I watch my own children grow up, I am reminded of their little playmates waiting for us all in Heaven.
I miss you and love you both very much.
from Sonia
--Sonia Rodgers
(submitted 7-4-97)

Shannon and his sister Tierra



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