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Memorial created 02-28-2015 by
Art Cook
Thomas Coast Ball
December 5 1950 - January 28 2015

Tom there is a big hole in my heart where you used to be, For a lot of years we all had a very different look at this ol' world, through your hilariously funny view. we will all be missing that warmth, the most. Summertime won't ever be the same without your fabulous cooking, your funny sayings, your off color jokes, told in a way that only you could tell. (makes me laugh just thinking about them)~ your loud and hilarious singing, and knowing every single world of every single song. (how did you do that?) You are the last person I know that could whistle so, so, so, very beautifully. It always took me back to my childhood when almost every other person ~ whistled all of the time, but only a very few did it as beautifully as you. Oscar Wilde's last words were ~ Either that wallpaper has got to go, or I do. I can hear your voice ~


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