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Memorial created 02-28-2015 by
Art Cook
Thomas Coast Ball
December 5 1950 - January 28 2015

My dearest friend Tom, You will be missed in a special way. I will miss your laughter and your sarcastic responses towards life that at times, got me through a day with a generous smile. You took time out of your life to help those who you felt worthy of your help. I was one of those lucky people once upon a time. You were kind and gracious and gave from the heart. I loved the times we shared as you had a special bond with Alaska and all things natural, just as I myself now enjoy. You understood the call of the wild interior of Alaska and you enjoyed nature. You considered Alaska your home away from home and took me on some awesome adventures and shaped my life in ways you might never have realized. Thank you for giving me what I needed, "your friendship." You were a friend among friends, and are in my thoughts daily. Thank you for letting me share part of your journey in this life. You made an impact and I am a better person for it today. Thank you! Your friend, Casey Bywater.


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