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Alycia Carney
Kaitlyn Rose Carney
April 30 1995 - February 22 2014

 After thinking about my sister, and posting a picture of her on instagram, i immediately fell asleep.  When i woke up the next morning i layed in bed and opened my instagram.  This was the first picture that came up, and i was the first to like it.  I did't know Dave also has a sister that he lost.


One of Kaitlyn's best friends Corie, recieved this sign from Kaitlyn "KARNEY!"


I came across that video I love of you from when you sang the Taylor Swift song in your dorm room and it brought me back to being sad and missing you. I started looking on your Facebook and saw the beautiful virtual memorial that was made for you. there's a page that is called "signs from Heaven" and the day you went into Heaven I kept asking you to show me a sign that you were still with me for reassurance and that day I saw & uploaded this picture to Twitter and without a doubt I knew it was you.... I still look at this picture and get the chills because this was the most broad sign I could have ever gotten that day. It truely amazes me & I'll never get over how you reached out to me. i love you so much angel


 Our cousin Shannon, lives in south carolina.  She drives by this florist every day to work.  This is what she noticed one day not long after Katie went to heaven.



 I was so happy to get a sign from you today! I know you are always close by!

A few weeks ago I broke my phone, I can only see stuff on the screen sometimes. A friend said she has an extra I5 she isn't using, it was her daughters and I can have it. Turns out I can't use it because I have Verizon and it's an ATT&T phone. It's been just floating around in my purse for 2 weeks now. Coming home tonight, sitting in what seemed like 100 miles of traffic, listening to the news, I hear music playing. Took me a few minutes to realize it was that extra IPhone playing music. Pulled it out and sure enough, somehow the music was playing and low and behold, it was Ms Taylor Swift singing Holy Ground. I didn't even know there was music on that phone!! So thank you Katie for riding home with me today and every day. I always say Katie is my Guardian Angel of the road, today just proved what I already knew.



 My mom went to a jewlery party, I didn't feel like going and she brought me home the pamphlet.  I looked through it and this is what I found.  Katie helping me christmas shop.


Our pop was at Dunkin Donuts with his friend, Joe.  Katie & Issy call him PopPop.  He went in & pop asked for a soda, coke or pepsi. Joe saw this coke & grabbed it.  He gave it to Pop. "Share a coke with Kate"


 At the end of Kaitlyns services i put one white rose with her to take to heaven.  Rose is our middle name.  When my mom was pregnant I wanted my sister to be connected to me and I wanted her to have the same middle name as me.  We were doing thank you cards and my dads job was to pick up stamps.  He kept forgetting.  I was with my HB's, having a particularly bad day, and my dad called to ask what kind of stamps me and mom wanted.  My mom wanted an angel stamp a cross stamp or a butterfly on the stamp, but none were available. So my dad brought home the only stamp that was appropriate.  Roses. Two white roses.


AK everywhere, even when shopping.


 I had a day off to plan Tim's surprise birthday party.  I was trying to be excited for my boyfriends birthday, but it is still hard to be excited.  I was getting all different things we needed.  I started getting upset driving around alone, and took a back road down to AC moore to get cake decorations.  I dont know why i was having a hard time all day deciding what color to make the cake.  I didn't even really want to make a cake, so i saved this stop for last.    On my way to AC moore down roses mill plain road, a car drove by me with the license plate saying "GREEN" and immediatly after "KAT."


 Max and baker shared Kaitlyn's sock for weeks after she went to heaven.  They didnt destroy it, they slept with it and carried it around with them all day.  (They destroy everything, and fight over everything. They dont share.)


 After i went back to work, it was still hard to concentrate.  The phone rang and someone asked me to put aside caulk for them.  I said ok and asked who it was.  I don't know who it was, but they said "just set it aside and put AK on it."  I asked them to repeat themselves and they did.  It sat on the counter for weeks, no one came to pick it up.  No one knew about my AK/KA sign yet.


 Mixing "sunshine" paint.  My mom says we are her sunshines.


 Our cousin Johnny gets his signs from Kaitlyn in Hats for some reason.  I was shopping at Bobs for his first birthday without Katie.  I didn't know what to get him but i know he loves Boston Red Sox.  In the sports section they have yankees, gians, redsox ...all new englad teams.  And this random hat. I knew i was picking something that Kaitlyn liked too.


 Me and Laur taking a walk on the boardwalk to Kaitlyns tree.  Stop in the bathroom & this is near the hand dryer.


 Me and Tim going out to eat at Oyster River.  This was parked behind me. KA & a purple bow.  I still dont know whos car this is.


Our HB & Pop had to put Jerry to sleep one day while i was at work.  He was a big orange cat.  He had a brother, Tom, who died when he was a kitten.  I closed at work that day, and near closing time a random little girl came in selling hand made ornaments from a church.  I looked through the small box and this was in there.  Tom & Jerry together, with a purple heart (the color we used for Kaitlyns services.)  I had to get it for my HB & Pop.  A sign they are all together in heaven.


 This is funny and random.  Tory needed one of these hair ties for her halloween costume.  We were texting and she couldnt find them anywhere.  I visited Katies tree that day, and this was hanging off of a branch.  Katie met Val again in heaven.


 Me Tor & Lauren went out to dinner before they were going out for the night.  I wasnt in the mood to go out, and we were talking about Kaitlyn and signs.  Tory and Lauren were a little bit skeptical of "signs" from my sister in heaven.  They went out that night & I went home.  Not long after i was laying down, Tory sent me this picture.  It was on the wall at the bar they went to. Kaitlyn letting them know she really is here. I think Tory needed this sign.


 Tim & Lauren got me to go to a festival for a few days over the summer.  Me and Tim went with his friends first, Laur and Nikki met us the day after.  I walked to the front by myself to meet them.  I hugged them and grabbed a side of their cooler to help carry it, turned around and someone with a red shirt with a big KA on it walked right past us.  Nikki noticed it and said did you see that.




 Katie with my mom at work! LOL


 This golden retreiver with a rose in his mouth is not actually on my instagram..... not sure why he kept popping up for a while - but he looks exactly like the golden retreiver my dad used to have when I was little, Hector.



 Our Mom, Honey Bunny, Kaitlyn's friends Sara Ashley & Mandy, and our friend April went to Mohegan Sun to see medium Matthew Fraiser.  

Many people came through with messages including our Aunt Jude.  Matt went up to our mom and said "Who is the K name for you." From there her message was "I'm fine!!" which we can hear her saying perfectly, especially because we kept going to so many mediums and recieving messages. Kaitlyn said that shes still getting everyones messages on her cell phone in heaven.  Kaitlyn's special message to the girls was about her senior locker, because it was such a special day for them.  Matthew said that Kaitlyn was taking him down a hallway all decorated.  The messages were amazing.


My Sister & Dad LOVE rollercoasters.  Kaitlyn would always go on the scariest rides, even when she was little. My dad would tell her to stand on her tiptoes to get on the rides she was ALMOST tall enough for.  One of dads students gave him a bunch of tickets for 6 flags New Jersey the summer after my sister went to heaven.  My mom, dad, me, Tim, Sara, Auntie T, uncle John, cousin Amanda & Sara all spent the day at the park.  The first thing we noticed was a huge rollercoaster as we were driving into the park, Tim said "lets do that first!" Which is literally exactly what i was thinking my sister would be saying right now. 

The first thing we did go on was another rollercoaster closer to the the gate.  We waited for the front row.  Right in the lapbar KA was scrated in cousin Sara's seat, she was so scared of the ride, plus she is so tiny she thought she was going to slide out. We knew katie was there.

We all split up & walked around the park.  Dad, Sara, Amanda, & Sara went to the huge rollercoaster, me and tim were going to meet them. I noticed someones shirt with big letters KA. I said did you see that shirt?  He said "The huge rollercoaster is called Kingdom KA."  I was shocked.

We went and waited for everyone to get off the ride.  Me & Tim were going to go on, even though i was terrified, except it started raining and it shut down, so we went on other rides.  

Kaitlyn was definately with us that day. My dad had a rollercoaster partner & I didn't have to go on! 


  We had a private reading with a medium.  We recieved messages from Kaitlyn, but one that had us all smiling and laughing was when he told us "She is with a big brown dog!" Snoogums.


Me &  Honey Bunny went to a garden show to get ideas for Kaitlyn's garden.  We saw one of her teachers there that day, and also one of Katies friends she grew up with. We also saw these signs as a display.  I immediaty thought of our pop, Mike, and sent him the picture.  But I also sent it to my mom. Who text me back that she was talking to Auntie T about uncle Mike, who my mom was very close to and is also in heaven.  Aunt michelle told me she got goosebumps when my mom sent her the picutre.




 A J on one side &  K V (Katie and Vicky) on the other with the number 5 (how my gramma Eva who is with my sister came through once in a reading, because we have many grammas in heaven, this is how we know which one- she had 5 kids.)

We were surprised to see it was Vicky's friend Susan in the car!!


 After Johnny's senior prom pictures I found this Angel Penny on the floor. 


 KAJS & two roses shopping on my day off


  I see AK / KA everywhere.  In the weirdest places & at the best times. 


 Nikki was Christmas shopping for one of her friends. She was looking through the mistake bin at LL BEAN & found this purple boat bag, AKC, my sign for Katie!  So she got it for me :O)


 Sherwin Williams New color display.  One of their new color ideas.


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