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Memorial created 01-26-2016 by
Olayemi Gbadebo
Dr. Olawunmi Olaitan Ogunkelu
April 15 1980 - January 21 2016

I Am Just A Girl Who Misses Her Sister
© Lilly Vsqz

I am just a girl who misses her sister
 I wonder ifshe's missing me too
I hear the wind when everything else is silent
I see The horizon when I stare straight ahead
I want to see you and be with you so bad
...I am just a girl who misses her sister

I pretend I'm skydiving
I feel the air come out of my body, but fresh air come right back in
I touch the ground when I come down
I worry that you are never coming back down from the sky
I cry to Heaven when I don't see you
I am just a girl who misses her sister

I understand that this is how it's supposed to be
I say it is what it is...
I dream that someday I willsee you again
I try to live my life and talk about you like you're still here
I hope and pray your waiting for me up there :)
I am just a girl who misses her sister...just a girl who misses her sister!


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