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Memorial created 03-5-2002 by
Sister Deb Harndon
Robert William DeWert
December 26 1944 - March 3 2002

BROTHER BOB ALWAYS SAID "DONT FALL ON THE ICE" So this pic is fitting for him

Dear brother Bob............ We know it has been a long and hard year for you...We thank God for the time we had with you that we werent suppose to have had. We know you were in a lot of pain and you new it was not what you wanted to live like..Although it hurt to watch you go through all the pain and suffering I know why you held on so long..I think in your own way that is how you wanted us to see you go through what you did to try and ease our pain.You were so much like mom and dad.UNSELFISH ! ...........I will cherish evfery momn=ent I had with you in the end ...I thank God we had our little talk and were able to say what we needed to..Yes you never raised a voice to me and I thank you so much for all the great memories that you gave me...I am only sorry I could not be with you more then I was.. Our family chain was broken when we lost dad and then mom...That left us 18 kids and now you are the first link to be with mom and dad.Some day we will all be together again but for now have fun being an only child ...Unless mom and dad have been busy in heaven.(hahahaha) DONNA (WIFE) Crystal,Bob jr and Dan will all be ok! I watched you talking to Crystal and all I coult think about was that song I sing to dad "Daddys Hands" Now Crystal has the same song as me and all about two wonderful men in our lives. You accomplished so much in life..I know you were the best! Rest in Peace brother Dear! Till we meet again! Now you can relly tell mom and we will watch the ice! I LOVE YOU! OXOXOXOXOXOXO LOVE YOUR SISTER Deb PS: The loss of your life will hopefully make everyone think about having thair heart checked out!


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