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Memorial created 04-30-2002 by
Elaine Malkin
Robert Malkin
November 5 1976 - May 4 1998

Robert was born in Virginia and was 18 months old when we moved to Miami Florida. When Robert was born is sister Stacy was 11 and his sister Beth was 6, they adored and loved their baby brother. Robert was so easy to raise. When he was 7 years old, Stacy went off to college and he missed her greatly. Beth and Robert were always close growing up. When he was 10 our friend across the street had to put their dog “Laddie” to sleep. Robert was very sad and he sat with our neighbors who were crying and he was trying to comfort them. When I called him home he told them if they needed him during the night, they should call him and he could come over.

When he was 12 his uncle living in Virginia was dying of cancer. During the summer his best friend’s parents wanted to take him to California on vacation. Instead Robert went to spend time with his uncle and he said “ I can always go to California but I can’t always see my uncle.” And Robert never got to California. He was very happy to spend time with his uncle Martin and that was the last time he saw him.

He loved going to visit his grandfather in Miami Beach. We would go visit his grandfather, my father, when the girls were in school and he would give him money and Robert would always share it with his sisters. We had older neighbors and he would always go over to see if he could help them with anything.

I always worried that something would happen to Robert because he was so good – almost too good. If he would go somewhere he’d always buy a gift for his family. In Robert’s senior year in High School he went on a trip to Europe, we told him to spend the money while there on himself. He did, but also made sure to come home with enough to buy us all dinner because he appreciated the opportunity of going to Europe so much.

When he’d go out on a date he bring flowers for his date and her mother. One Christmas week he was home from college and it happened to be very cold in Florida, he saw an old woman selling flowers and he bought all 5 bunches she had so that she would be able to go home. That was our Robert.

Robert had many good friend and many to this day can’t speak to us. When they have they tell us stories of how good natured he was and if anyone had a problem they went to “Bob” (his friends called him Bob) One friend wrote how lucky he was to have parents like us – no we were the lucky ones to have a son like Robert. Another friend wrote the world suffered a great loss on May 4th 1998. I just wish that everyone in the world could have a heart as big as Bob’s.

When we lost our son we lost seeing Robert graduate from college get married, or have children. He will never see his beautiful niece grow up or knew he had a nephew. We miss is smile, his sense of humor or and a shoulder to lean on. Knowing Robert he would want us to go on but each day is a struggle and when you lose a child you are never the same.
Robert we miss you and love you so much!
Mom, Dad, Stacy & Beth

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