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Gayla Bonina
Cheryl (Shelley) Anne Cornell
April 18 1944 - March 29 2001

My dearest sister Shelley as she preferred to be called was the most generous person I have ever known. She loved helping people nothing was ever too much trouble, she was always helping others whenever she could. She had an amazing zest for life; she was fun to be with, loved meeting new people, visiting different places, and was never afraid of an adventure. She is sadly missed.

Shelley was born April 18, 1944 in Pretoria South Africa. Shelley’s father was away at war when she was born and he did not get to see her for the first six months of her life. During those early months Shelley and Joy, Shelley’s mother lived with her Aunt Ruth. Once the war was over Bob; Shelley’s Dad settled in Pretoria and started an airline company which unfortunately due to several accidents did not last long. When Shelley was nine, the family moved to Beira Mozambique. Schooling proved to be a challenge in Mozambique because of the Portuguese language and Shelley and her twin sisters Gayla and Leela were home schooled by Joy. Shelley completed all her schooling at home before leaving for Durban Natal, South Africa for her nurses training.

Unfortunately for Shelley she was unable to complete her nurses training in Durban due to complications that resulted from foot surgery. She returned to Beira where she stayed for several months recovering after which she went to Salisbury Rhodesia to finish her nurses training.

Shelley met her prince charming, fell madly in love and married William Cornell on October 10th, 1964. Shelley had three daughters Tracy Jean, Nicola Anne, and Lynda Christina. Will, Shelley and the girls lived for a number of years in Salisbury Rhodesia, later they moved to Bulawayo and from there moved to Cape Town South Africa. This was a traumatic time as shortly after their arrival and before they had a chance to move into their new home, the furniture removal company had a fire in the warehouse where Shelley’s furniture was stored. Sadly all their furniture and personal effects including wedding, baby and family photos were destroyed.

A few short years after moving to Cape Town the Cornell’s were on the move again this time to Johannesburg South Africa where they settled and stayed for a number of years. On March 31st 1980 Shelley moved to Houston Texas. She arrived with her three girls and a suitcase each, ready to start her life in America. Within three short days, and much too every one’s amazement, Shelley leased an apartment full of furniture bought a car and secured a job. A few months later Will joined the family and once again they moved this time to Huntington Beach California, where Shelley’s father’s family helped them relocate.

Shelley was very active in her church and community, she enjoyed trips to Las Vegas, family vacations exploring the United States and trips to visit Wills family in England. In 1994 Shelley become ill and was diagnosed with kidney failure. She suffered from severe infections and was hospitalized on many occasions. She was very brave throughout her illness; she is greatly missed by her sister’s, daughters and grandchildren.
We love and miss you Shelley.

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