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Teresa Day
Blake Day
April 27 1984 - June 25 2003


Randolph Blake Day was born in Douglas Georgia at Coffee Regional Hospital on April 27 1984. He was then dedicated to God one week later "Blake" as he preferred to be called was a good and very lovable baby. He took his first steps when he was only 8 months old. As a toddler he was so sweet and affectionate that each morning he would wake me by kissing me all over my face. Blake was very smart and everything seemed to come easy for him.

Our family moved to Jacksonville Florida when Blake was 18 months old and started a business. He loved to help out and give business cards to the customers as they arrived. Blake enjoyed meeting new people and he would make a sale just by being so cute and charming. He had hair of golden blonde curls and a great big smile that would touch any ones heart.

During Blake's second grade year at Beauclerc Elementary school he entered an Invention convention contest and won first place in the school for the second grade of 330 students. His invention he named "the safety mail box". This was a mail box with a door at each end. He got the idea from living on a busy street where the traffic side of the mail box was too dangerous for him to check the mail.

He later competed with all Duval county and again he won. He did not win the state competition but we were so proud of him. The safety mailbox is now sold in stores everywhere.

In the third grade Blake entered a school contest to draw the best cover for the year book. We were again so proud as Blake's signed drawing was chosen as the cover art!

Blake was victorious in the fourth grade in a speech contest. He wrote and delivered a speech in front of his entire school about sports and his favorite baseball team.

Our family moved to Tifton Georgia when Blake was in the fifth grade where he attended Tift Area Academy. During his years at the school He played on the school baseball teams and later also on the golf team.

Blake started a love for skate boarding when he was only six years old that continued through out his life. This talent lead him to play hockey for the Tift area YMCA during his high school years. He helped bring his first team to the championships and was the MVP recipient as a goalie. We were so proud!

Blake moved to the public school his junior year at Tift County High School. He loved the larger social scene and the attention of so many girls, his popularity, charm and handsome good looks blossomed quickly. Making friends came easy for him. Blake genuinely loved people and they loved him.

Blake was an only child until age 10. He thought he would need a sibling to complete us as a family and with the birth of his sister he thought at last we were finally a family.

We let Blake choose the name of our new daughter -- he chose the name "Shannon". Shannon was always close to Blake's heart and it showed. When he was old enough to drive and go out on dates he would sometimes take her with him. He was so very proud of her. He thought the sun rose and set in her and she felt the same way about him.

Blake always had a smile on his face and he loved to make every one around him laugh and smile. Blake was the constant comedian, he would often imitate Chris Farley just for a laugh.

Blake loved playing the guitar and writing songs and he talked about being famous one day. I really miss the sound of his guitar coming from his room, seeing his smile and hearing his laughter.

He loved sports cars and car shows, a hobby he shared with his family. He won several trophies with his 2001 red convertible camaro. Another one of his passions was working with computers. During his senior year he worked with Plant Tel Communications doing internet tech support.

Blake asked Jesus Christ into his heart on July1 1994. His Grandfather got the honor of Baptizing him the old fashion way in the satilla river. Blake had a close relationship with God he knew more about the Bible than I did. He attended Church everywhere, he had his own church of course he liked being in God's house and for a young man that is something to be proud of.

Blake was a volunteer counselor at the church of God camp grounds for 2 years. He was passionate about church and his faith. Blake graduated in 2002, and then went to college in the fall. He decided to take spring quarter off and helped us in the family business, then again his good looks and charm made spring sales skyrocket he could sell anything it didn't matter what it was. He would make bets with the other guys working with us about how much he could sell to a customer.

Photo of Blake and Danielle -- now our angels in Heaven

The summer of 2003 he became a life guard at Summer Waves Water Park on Jekyll Island. Blake was tragically killed by a drunk driver at the young age of just 19. On June 25 2003 they hit a tree and the nissan exterra burst into flames Blake and his girl friend burned in the SUV.

I never saw my son again... they had to identify him by his dental records. We had our son cremated and he now rests on our mantel in our home. The images of what my son went through that night will forever be engraved in my mind.

Blake is truly missed by everyone who loved him our hearts will always have a hole in them, until we take our very last breath. I know he is in heaven and I hope he is laughing with Chris Farley and playing the guitar with Jimmy Hendrix.

Blake will live in our hearts forever he touched so many lives in the short time he was here.
-- mom, Teresa Day

A Song written by Blake...

I Don't want to hear your story on how you want to be friends
and maybe it will work out in the end
In time we forget the promises we made
and move on with the lives we make
I don't know what to say about the insinuations
you make when you push me away
Insinuations is such a clever word
I have so many emotions I feel so absurd
what ever happened to the time outs, do overs.
fingers crossed it don't count
what's gonna happen when your words
are just words again
I'm holding on hoping you'll change your mind
with the fear I'm being left behind.

by Blake Day october 2 2002 1:45 am



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