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Memorial created 01-20-2005 by
Rita Sheth
Kishan Sheth
May 15 1983 - March 20 2003

Mother's cherished reliance
Dad's incalculable benefactor.
Devoted worker
Loving Grandson
God's beloved Son
Kishan is Inconceivable Person


Kishan was born to Dilip & Rita on May 15, 1983. He was my first Mother’s day gift. Which would become a bitter sweet blessing 19 years later. A loving child that we miss ever so greatly. He became extremely proud of his Indian heritage and became enthused with the symbol of the “OM” and Meditation. He had deep spiritual knowledge. Loyalty, love and friendship aptly represented Kishan's character and life.

Kishan was loving, caring and very devoted to his parents. He was always there for his many friends and family members to help. Kishan was always concerned and sensitive about others. Kishan was a happy child and, as can be seen in many photographs, was quite the character. If only he could be here to make us laugh again. With this outgoing and cheerful personality, he made countless friends.

Kishan was a very helpful boy . He helped his roommate and Other students with their projects & study in the school as well as in college too. Whether it be helping his father cleaning the car or shoveling the snow from our driveway or cutting the grass or moving the family member’s house and countless other tasks, he was ready and willing to help.

One very remarkable thing about Kishan was how good of a cook he was. He served all of us very delicious breakfasts at home and at our friend’s shore house. He never missed any Mother’s day to serve me break- fast and treat me on my birthday. He never missed giving me Valentines Day Flowers. I saw him last on my birthday . No Kishan no birthday for me ever. He had exam but he came home to wish me happy birthday. That’s last time I hugged him and kissed him.

We used to call him, "Beta” a loving term for a son. He was just a wonderful son and a young loving handsome man, he was also a giver of love, peace and hope. To his Mother Rita and Father Dilip, he was the gift from God. He was gifted child. He was always speaking the truth to me. He was a very intelligent, loving and caring person. He loved his friends so much and would do any and everything for any of them. He could stay hungry, without much money but still loan money to his friend. He brightens every body’s days with his love, his smile, and his sympathetic talk. To the rest of his loving family, he was a "great kid" who was loved and respected. He was great advisor to both his friends and family. Each day he would leave his life in God's hands and be happy.

He was the youngest student in Sunday’s school. He had made this pledge in his life since he was four year old.





Kishan was very active in sports as a youth, and participated in the town’s recreational programs, over the years, where he played soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball. He had a mastery over computers and music. He played up to seventh grade the Trombone and then onwards Guitar. He played his music at Christmas, Thanksgiving parades, and the opening ceremony of games. Kishan also developed a strong liking for the skiing.

He was very intelligent and was a dedicated student. Through out his school he was in the gifted enrichment program. He received several awards. He received the gold bar from the school for getting straight A’s in Elementary and Middle school. He participated in a variety of school activities. He debated and won several trophies. After having a professional photo shoot, he put together a photographic portfolio for presentation. He was great photographer and several of his pictures got selected for the Philadelphia art museum. He received several national awards.

He did not have an easy time in the 11th grade at school. It was roller costar. He was inventing his life his own way. Every thing was very easy for him and so he began to loose a little interest in his studies. He just walked in for the SAT exam, without preparation and still received very high scores on it. He was always two grades ahead in his subjects. May be that is why he lost interest in the 11th grade. Nothing was challenging him. When he got to college he was telling us his studies were very interesting and he got more A's than B's.

In 2001 Kishan went to Temple University. He had intended to advance his education by pursuing a degree in business. Kishan was accepted into The FOX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT, it was a dream come true. He always dreamt to have lunch calls with Bill Gates and many other triumphant, skilled business workers. He himself was an incredibly successful man in his short lifespan.

Kishan always understood our situation (meaning we are average people), and also appreciated the fact that he got an opportunity to go college and receive excellent education. He was very Independent and never asked for a single penny for his pocket money. Even when his father would try to give him money, he would always refuse to take it. He worked part time at a restaurant and was an extremely hard-working child.

A few weeks before March 20th one of his old classmates (not really a friend just a classmate) had dropped out from high school and his family abandoned him. He came to Kishan and asked him for help, our generous son provided him with shelter and helped him get back on his feet. He could never tolerate seeing pain in ones eye, and no matter what the circumstances were, he would always lend a helping hand.

Kishan was very handsome, affectionate, kindhearted, intelligent, and an extremely caring person. He was trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, and reverent. These superior qualities got him to attain so much out of life.

At the young age of 19, Kishan was no longer a part of this world, God had taken him away from us, but never did they take him away from our hearts. On MARCH 20th 2003, 4:48 P.M he died on the campus of Temple University College from the ninth floor of Anderson building. We live only 15 miles from the campus and the campus security came at our home to give the worst news at 9:20 p.m. Being entitled as the parents, WE DID NOT HAVE ANY CLOSURE. I hope before end of my life, I will have closure of my Adoring Son's Death. Before we identify Kishan, campus security police told his roommate but did not bother to visit in his room for any inspection or lock the room for any investigation in addition to College dispatch the e-mail in campus.

          The college was never SUPPORTIVE in providing us with a detailed police report or in launching an investigation to find out the truth about this case. However, there are a hundreds of "what ifs" that circles our minds and that is what might have changed the course of events.

          Besides his Mom and Dad, his great grandmother, grandmothers and grandfather, godmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews and many friends also envy him, but the best part of all is that all of them admired and loved him very much.

In fact, the line at his wake was approximately  120 minutes long and extended into the parking lot. At his funeral, not only was there an abundance of flowers left by his loving family but also the remembrances from many of his beloved friends were often found. He has left a big gap in our hearts, and not a soul can fill the love for him that we hold.
Tears young and old are still being shed upon Kishan’s death.

We invite you visit all the pages of Kishan’s website to see some of our favorite photos of him. Several of these pages have copies of poems Kishan wrote. We also invite you to read the brief story of his life and death in A Mother's Perspective.

A special tribute to Kishan is included - A listing of the many honors and accomplishments Kishan achieved in his life. This section is especially important because, sadly, they were not to include his graduation of college.

We also invite you to share memories you have of Kishan (or your response to his web site) in the Reflections section. Every memory we have of Kishan, every kind word, becomes a treasure for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you for allowing us to share our fond memories of Kishan with you. God Bless You and May you never experience a similar tragedy

His lasts nineteen years he pursued his love of music on the side by playing guitar and occasionally singing his own songs. He used to like Rock Music. His favorite bands were Tools, Nine-inch nail, Incubus, Sugar ray, and Nirvana.

On March 20th as soon as I heard Kishan is gone……..
As I sit here watching my SON in deep sleep……………….
The silent tears running down in my Heart
The tears for him and for me.
For him because he does not deserve this and for me
because I don't either.
My Son was My comfort and support
I have eyes but My son was sight
No one in my whole life ever encouraged me as he has.
How can this be happening???
My heart cries out from within the depths of my very soul.
We were supposed to grow older together and now,
I will be left alone………….



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