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Jennifer Marie Ripperger
April 2 1981 - September 15 1997

Jennifer was only 16 when she died, she packed a lot into her short time with us. She was always busy. She had school classes each day and then after class each day she had practice for sports. She did sports all year round. She would first have volleyball, then would have soccer, and then finish the year off with track. While playing volleyball, she also played club soccer. After practice or a game, she would either come home for dinner and then study, or would rush off to her club soccer practice, held twice a week. After club soccer practice, she would come home tired about 8 PM, shower and then study. Twice a week she would also attend her youth group meetings held at the school she had attended through the 8h grade. On weekends she would have her club soccer games and also liked to go to her high school functions such as the different games and the dances. She carried a 4.3 GPA through her sophomore year and was just starting her Junior year, where she was going to take 5 honors classes.

Volleyball was hard for her because she really enjoyed it but was only 5' I" and 102 lb. This limited her playing time to back row defender. But she practiced as hard as she could so she would be a good defender. At the end of the JV season in her freshman year, she was voted the team's best defender at the awards banquet. She was very proud of that. She enjoyed soccer the best. Though she was small, she played center defender and enjoyed playing tough. She had played two years of JV and was hoping to make varsity this year. Track was something she had never done before going to high school. She only did it so she could stay in shape for club soccer. But she surprised everyone, including herself, by finishing 7h in the conference finals in the 800 meter event and getting a varsity letter as a freshman. She was so happy when I bought her a Varsity Jacket.

Jennifer was always involved in her church. She very seldom missed a youth meeting and just this August had gone to Europe with her youth group to see the Pope in Paris for World Youth Day. She said it was a very exciting trip and was looking forward to going back to Europe because she enjoyed it so much.

Jennifer was studying to be a Marine Biologist. This had been a dream of hers for the last 6 years. She loved the ocean and porpoises. She was very in tune with the environment and recycling. She always carried a little bag with her for trash in case she couldn't find a trash can around. Through the youth group she would help the homeless. Even when in Paris for World Youth day, she helped the homeless she saw there by giving them food and blankets.


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