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Margaret Johnson
Kathleen (Kathi) Anne Johnson
March 13 1951 - September 6 1969

We are the parents of 5 children. Kathi was our second daughter, had just turned 18 in March, graduated from a large San Fernando Valley, CA high school in June. That summer she worked as a waitress, planning to begin college in the fall.

In September, she and three other teenagers from our church, attended a youth camp in Northern California. On the drive home, they were involved in an auto accident killing 3 of the kids in our car, including Kathi. One boy was spared.

Kathi was a vivacious, teenager with a winning smile and personality. She was head cheerleader in high school,homecoming princess and nominated as the most popular girl. The death of these 3 teenagers, touched and changed many lives. I wrote a book about Kathi called "18, No Time To Waste" and it was an immediate bestseller, translated to many foreign languages and brought many closer to God. Kathi's death also changed my life. I wrote several more books and spoke to clubs, churches and personally shared the grieving process with other parents.

Eighteen, No Time to Waste, is a mother's tribute to a beloved daughter. It is heartwarming, real, and boldly witnesses to the truth that "to live is Christ, to die is gain." Please e-mail Margaret Johnson if you'd like to obtain a copy.

This memorial to our Kathi can best be stated in this poem I wrote as a tribute to her and included in her book

"I had an angel and didn't know it;
She hurried through life in a breathless sort of way,
She touched this one and that one in her short life span,
Like a candle burning wildly and then flickering out too soon,
For one brief, shining hour she warmed so many with that glow."

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