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Memorial created 12-29-2005 by
Valerie Haslett
Ian John Haslett
March 13 1951 - May 20 2004

This memorial is a tribute to my husband Ian who is deeply missed and loved. Ian was the most loving gentle and kind husband, the best person I have ever met in my whole life. we shared 22 years together and I would not swap one of them unless it meant that Ian could be alive today. Ian would helo anyone, he was so genuine and honest, and yet for the last 2.5 years of his life he started trying to kill himself, I would drive out late atnight trying to find him and thankfully I did 5 times when I was just in time, and then many other times before he hurt himself, The five times though were bad and I got him to the hospital where he suffered a lot, and almost died twice, he always seemed so happy to come to and find he was still alive, but I missed him the last night and he managed to complete suicide. This a man who loved life. living and adored nature. I am so alone without my love, and I am so guilty that I missed him that last night, I did see him at 1.30 am and so I guess he fooled me. I love you darling forever and miss you so much it hurts to breath. Val x x


Rise up slowly Angel. Do not leave me here alone Where the warmth of mortal essence Lies replaced by cold hard stone. Whisper through the drying leaves, And caress my brow with raindrops Filtered by the sheltering trees. Rise up slowly, Angel, For I cannot hear the song Which calls you through the shadows Into the light beyond. Wrap me in a downy cape Of sunshine, warm with love, And kiss my tear-stained face With moonlight from Above. Then wait for me at sunset, Beside the lily pond, And guide me safely homeward To your world, which lies beyond. Just spread your arms to take me In reunion’s sweet embrace, And we shall soar together, To a different time and place. Loving you today as I did yesterday and will tomorrow. Val x


I love you, but you've gone. you meant all of life to me, but you've left me alone, to grieve on my own, I love you, but you have gone. I want to cry, I want to die, but you made me promise to be strong, How can I go on the way that I am, since you've left me alone, you have gone. Why did you choose to leave me this way? I know that you thought it was best. But its hell, and its wrong, and my darling how I long for the days we once shared before things went wrong. but you left me alone, you are gone. You cannot come back, and I cannot join you, you went before your time, I walked with you in my heart every day, but your not really there, and your not really mine, for you made the chose to leave me this way, I'm alone, now you have gone. To have you back my sweet Ian, to enjoy US one more time, to touch your face, to laugh, as we did, that's a dream that can no longer be mine. I will walk alone for the rest of my days, because you left me alone, you have gone I will never know love as we shared for so long, I will walk in the shadows listening to our song, I can never get over this pain I now bear, will I ever again feel the special love that we shared? or will I always just think of you gone.


As the wind blew I heard your voice I turned around to see your face. The warm wind caressed me As I stood silently in place. I felt your embrace from the rays of the sun As its warmth filled the sky. I closed my eyes, felt your body against mine As my spirit soared so high. My tears sprinkling down As I watched the falling rain. each teardrop that fell, softly whispered your name. In my heart I held you closeIt made me feel complete. You’re in heaven, but your not really gone As you live inside of me. If the sun refused to shine And the wind ceased to blow. If the rain stopped falling You would still live inside of me forever And that’s all my heart needs to know


There is a place called MEMORY, where we sometimes like to roam Through the hills of love and laughter, A place we know as home A place that's free from all the pain, Where our hearts are light once more A place that lives forever, Where life's as it was before Our lost one's live in memory. They laugh and dance and sing, Their lives are filled with a majic that only heaven can bring They feel no hurt or anger. Their spirits are free as air. And Gods love will always protect them in times when we aren't there. Cherish this place call MEMORY. Feel the love that lives in there Remember the joys, the warmth of the sun, and the bond you will always share. Smile at happy moments, laugh at times gone by, Let the tears you cry be happy ones. know love will never die. Have no fear of visiting the joy will outweigh the pain. Learn to treasure memory, for there is much that you will gain. And though life is not as it was before, and never will be again. Our memories are much richer, Than if LOVE had never been.


It broke my heart when you left me that way We'd planned our life for so long. How did I miss you going out that last night Why did our life go so wrong Could you really think it was ok to die You said it's best but that was a lie Thinking your death would release me from pain That wasn't true, I'll never be pain free again I walk alone now, leaves swirl around my feet I cross over the road avoiding people I might meet Its cold and its icy, stark winter in my heart Such a bleak empty world knowing forever we're apart But the memories of us is the cloak that I wear The warmth of the sun your caress The shadows and darkness are places to hide From the pain of just one half of me left The raindrops and snowflakes are the jewels I now borrow And the breeze whispers to me sadness and sorrow. Of losing the man I loved more than life You my husband, I your wife. I miss your daft humour The way you would laugh Your kindness, your love, our together forever path I miss you my darling more than words could ever say You were my laughter, my love, and my joy each new day


Weeks flow into months, and months into years. A path strewn with sadness, and sodden with tears For grief is a journey that has to be shared Where sorrow and heartache and feelings are bared. Where love is a gift that you give to a friend It comforts the weary, and helps a broken heart mend.



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