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Memorial created 01-8-2006 by
Carol Lockwood
JoAnn Lynne Lockwood
April 1 1956 - September 1 2005

This memorial is a tribute to JoAnn, who is deeply missed and loved by her family and friends. JoAnn was a wonderfully intelligent, superbly dramatic, amazingly giving, excruciatingly funny woman who enriched the lives of those who knew her. Words simply cannot describe what a magnificent, magnetic personality she was. When she stepped into a room, she simply became the center of attention, just by her mere entrance. JoAnn, also fondly known as "Mama L," "Grandma Jo," "Grandma JoJo," and "JoJo" was taken much too early from us, but we shall not mourn her death, but celebrate her life! It is what she would have wanted! She always loved a party. However, to fully appreciate her as a parent, child, sibling, family, or friend, you must know and understand her full life story starting from her very dramatic birth to her untimely ending. The three pictures of JoAnn on this page represent the main phases of her life: her birth (this is her first bath), her being a mother (this is a picture of her with me and my brother), and her being a grandmother (this is a picture of her a few days after the birth of her first grandchild). JoAnn was born on April 1st 1956 - April Fool's Day to William Charles Lockwood, Sr. and Mary Virginia Lockwood. Those who knew her would tell you it was the appropriate date for her arrival into this world. In 1956, April 1st was also Easter Sunday. As you can see, Mom was doubly blessed from up above from the time of her arrival here on Earth.


Mom's Birth as Remembered by her Dad! "Another beautiful Island morning greeted us as we arose from a good night's sleep. We had our breakfast and then got into the routine of getting the family ready for Sunday school and church. This chore was progressing nicely when my wife told me that we should continue getting ready, but that she thought it would be better to stop by the hospital and drop her off. Then I was to take the children and go on to church as usual. This particular Easter Sunday was a bit different in that it was also April 1st and this prompted my next comment "this had better not be an April Fools Joke". You see on this particular Easter Sunday we were expecting the arrival of another child, and her comment was prompted by the fact she thought the time had come. After three children we thought it best to take her advice so we loaded into the car and headed towards Tripler Army Hospital. We got her registered in the hospital and then the rest of us headed across town to our church. We partook in our regular greetings with all our friends, and of course, we announced our extra stop we made on the way to church. Our family members then went to our respective Sunday school classes. As luck would have it, I received a telephone call prior to the conclusion of Sunday school and was informed that JoAnn had arrived and both Mother and daughter were doing fine. Boy when we interrupt a Sunday school class, we do it up right. Of course when class was over we received the good wishes and blessings of our fellow worshippers. We made it through the church service and after chatting for a short while we finally departed for the hospital to see the newest member of our family. Upon our arrival at the hospital, we were taken to their room and it was wonderful to see both of them in such good condition. After visiting for awhile we headed for home for a change of clothes and some lunch. As was the custom at that time, they remained at the hospital for 5 days before we got them home. This child gave us four children and after some thought we realized that we had four children, boy, girl, boy, girl, in that order. Then we looked at the big picture and realized that not one of the four were born in the United States. The first two were born in Washington, D. C. and the last two were born in the Territory of Hawaii (before it became a state). Of course, we visited them again that evening and every day until they came home."


Mom's journey ended too soon as she passed away in her sleep on September 1st. Take a look through the pages of this site. See JoAnn throughout the years. Celebrate her life. Share your thoughts and memories! We love you Mom, Grandma JoJo, Mama L, JoAnn!!! We miss you! But we go on, as you would have wanted. It is not easy, but we trudge on. We take the lessons learned from you and continue to grow. You are never from our hearts or our minds! We know you are on your next journey and Heaven needed you more than we did. You are in a much better place now, and for that, we can all be thankful. All My Love, Carol


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