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Crystal Frye

Memorial created 02-21-2006 by
crystal frye
Clinton J Frye
January 10 1959 - April 2 2005

This is my father.This was taken on Easter Sunday 2005....he's holding his 5 month old grandson while keeping his dog Dixie from feeling neglected. This was Dad's last Sunday..... His life was ended on the next Saturday....at 8:59 am when the collision occured. His body didnt let go until over 7 hours later, while he was still in surgery.


Dad's life was ended early, at just 46 years. The driver of a tractor trailer, for some reason, didn't see the oncoming traffic. The truck proceeded to turn left and as it crossed the center-line.........CRASH!!! The truck stopped abruptly, but the car spun as it was jolted back. When it came to rest, the 1985 Honda Accord was totaled; the front driver's fender and door crumpled like a piece of paper, with my Dad trapped inside. A truck driver at the Flying J's travel plaza heard the collision and ran over to help. As he approached the wreckage, he immediately identified the strong odor of diesel fuel....and heard the car engine roar. He tried to reach for the key, but the car was crushed and he couldn't reach it. He asked my Dad if he could turn off the car. Dad even though tangled in the mess reached up with his right hand and turned off the car as his head nodded and blood flowed. His sidekick, Dixie, jumped from the car. The dog hit the pavement, spun round and round, then darted for the woods. Dad became frantic when Dixie wouldn't come. He kept asking where she was; Dixie was in heat and he wasnt about to let her get pregnant again. A policeman asked Dad his name, birthdate, and address all of which were answered correctly.


The lifeflight helicopter had landed by the time he was extricated from vehicle. I have been told he was fully alert and oriented the entire time he was at the scene. At some point before arriving at the trauma center his body started to give out. With the help of er and trauma team, and experts performing cpr, he had undergone all necessary tests and xrays and was in surgery approx one hour after incident. I was cleaning up from feeding my 5 month old son lunch and had just started washing the dishes when the phone rang. “Who could that be?” I asked my son. I thought it might be Dad at first but was sadly mistaken. “Is this the Frye residence?” A woman’s voice asked. I rolled my eyes in disgust thinking this is going to be one of those annoying survey people. I only wish that had been the case. She informed me she was a chaplain at St. John’s Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. She was looking for the family of someone involved in an accident and my name was found in an address book. “Oh God. Who is it?” I asked. “His name is Clinton Frye. Do you know him?” “Oh God that’s my Dad” I said as I clutched my chest. “What happened?” I asked as a million possible scenarios rushed thru my head. My stomach immediately hit the floor. I asked what happened to no avail. She didn’t know much about the accident, only that it involved a truck, but knew he was still in surgery. After jotting down the directions, a question came to mind. “Was he taken there or did he just happen to be in the area?” I asked. “He was flown in” she said. She kept asking if there was anyone else to call.


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